30 April 2011

Head to Head Cup: Semi-finals!

Head to Head Cup Semi-finals results!
Semi-final 1:
 Live2Die vs   Vegard20.
Live2Die typed 288,145 keys and Vegard20 typed 289,742 keys.
Vegard20 wins by just 1,597 keys! Talk about a close one.
Semi-final 2:
 WiiPlayer113 vs   PhoenixW.
WiiPlayer wins by walk-over because PhoenixW was disqualified from this season of H2H competitions.
In case you're wondering, WiiPlayer113 would have won anyway.

The final shall start a week from now, and will last a full month (instead of the normal three weeks). Get your typing fingers ready!

$20 on Wii.

Head to Head battles League: Round Eighteen

Round Seventeen's battles (23–30 April)
The Head to Head battles' last week in these holidays comes to an end with the following results.
Primera Division
Battle 256:
PhoenixW vs 09Kisame09.
PhoenixW typed 684,693 keys and 09Kisame09 typed 150,000 keys.
09Kisame09 wins because PhoenixW was disqualified from this season's Head to Head battles for hacking!
He was disqualified for hacking the program but apparently next season PhoenixW will be allowed to play again in the Head to Head battles.

Battle 257:
videogames518 vs HappyAlcoholic.
videogames518 typed 0 keys and HappyAlcoholic typed 0 keys.
It's a draw!

Battle 258:
Badgy_McBadger vs IAmTheCandyman.
Badgy_McBadger typed 0 keys and IAmTheCandyman typed 57,657 keys.
IAmTheCandyman wins by 57,657 keys!

Battle 259:
Sellyme vs Carbon.
Sellyme typed 18,040,823 keys and Carbon typed 130,000 keys.
Sellyme wins by 17,910,823 keys!

Battle 260:
WiiPlayer113 vs Cryptosporidian.
WiiPlayer113 typed 9,691,658 keys and Cryptosporidian typed 0 keys.
WiiPlayer113 wins by 9,691,658 keys!

Battle 261:
JaumeBG vs Ducklette.
JaumeBG typed 178,000 keys and Ducklette typed 0 keys.
JaumeBG wins by 178,000 keys!

Battle 262:
Vegard20 vs Hokage4354.
Vegard20 typed 138,063 keys and Hokage4354 typed 0 keys.
Vegard20 wins by 138,063 keys!

Battle 263:
Live2Die vs hippyman27.
Live2Die typed 76,521 keys and hippyman27 typed 91,298 keys.
hippyman27 wins by 14,777 keys!

Segunda Division
Battle 264:
shadow29live vs Inquisitor911 .
shadow29live typed 0 keys and Inquisitor911 typed 91,541 keys.
Inquisitor911 wins by 91,541 keys!

Battle 265:
ST3ALTH15 vs gta0004.
ST3ALTH15 typed 4,069 keys and gta0004 typed 68,456 keys.
gta0004 wins by 64,387 keys!

Battle 266:
BobTehPoner vs King_Matt.
BobTehPoner typed 0 keys and King_Matt typed 3,833 keys.
King_Matt wins by 3,833 keys!

Battle 267:
Jazzaboy vs Darkir.
Jazzaboy typed 98,736 keys and Darkir typed 30,000 keys.
Jazzaboy wins by 68,736 keys!

Battle 268:
tetrismaster vs EliwoodX.
tetrismaster typed 26,509 keys and EliwoodX typed 0 keys.
tetrismaster wins by 26,509 keys!

Battle 269:
Glomple vs SlasherX.
Glomple typed 3,846 keys and SlasherX typed 0 keys.
Glomple wins by 3,846 keys!

Battle 270:
Kranix vs Sheepie XD.
Kranix typed 159,625 keys and Sheepie XD typed 74,723 keys.
Kranix wins by 84,902 keys!

Battle 271:
Cj10203040 vs iGark.
Cj10203040 typed 32,137 keys and iGark typed 0 keys.
Cj10203040 wins by 32,137 keys!

Friendly matches
Battle I:
MicroGamer15 vs SilentSand vs Mysterymason.
MicroGamer15 typed 0 keys, SilentSand typed 66,674 keys and Mysterymason typed 0 keys.
SilentSand wins by 66,674 keys!

Round Eighteen's battles (30 April–7 May)
Another week starts. In this week we'll have the eighteenth rounds of the two divisions and then the second round of the friendly matches (remember, if you want to sign up for those, just tell me). Also, for the friendly matches there will be sign ups every week, so you don't have to be in every week, just the weeks you'd like to be in. Unfortunately this week we have the same three participants and sorry to Micro and SilentSand to whom I didn't ask if they wanted to re-sign up, so I've assumed you wanted to. If you don't, tell me and I will edit this and remove you from the battle.
Primera Division
Battle 272:
Carbon vs hippyman27.

Battle 273:
09Kisame09 vs Ducklette.

Battle 274:
Live2Die vs IAmTheCandyman.

Battle 275:
Vegard20 vs videogames518.

Battle 276:
Badgy_McBadger vs WiiPlayer113.

Battle 277:
Sellyme vs Hokage4354.

Battle 278:
Cryptosporidian vs JaumeBG.

Battle 279:
HappyAlcoholic vs PhoenixW.

Segunda Division
Battle 280:
Sheepie XD vs EliwoodX.

Battle 281:
tetrismaster vs Cj10203040.

Battle 282:
BobTehPoner vs shadow29live.

Battle 283:
gta0004 vs SlasherX.

Battle 284:
Kranix vs Glomple.

Battle 285:
ST3ALTH15 vs Darkir.

Battle 286:
Jazzaboy vs iGark

Battle 287:
Inquisitor911 vs King_Matt.

Friendly matches
Battle II:
SilentSand vs Mysterymason vs MicroGamer15.

League standings (30 April)
In the league standings in the Primera Division nearly everyone rised up in rank due to the disqualification of PhoenixW and thus making 09Kisame09 be first again. In the Segunda Division there've been hardly any changes. In the friendly matches, even though they're supposed to be friendly, I decided to make a table for it, in which SilentSand is now first due to the other two not pulsing.
Primera Division

Segunda Division

Friendly matches