The thing at the place.

This is where I dump all the crap I like, but is irrelevant to the blog. Jaume/Inq/racefan12, feel free to post anything here too. If you have an image, quote, or video to share, message me or post a comment and I'll put it up (assuming it's SFW) as soon as possible! Media dump after the break.

Luna is too damn cute:

Blog a friend owns:

Most incredible video editing I've ever seen:

Or is it?:

Vamper Productions YouTube channel:

Note to self: Add pastebins for each blog author with a list of fucktons of accounts.

racefan12 says:  Needs moar Pok√©mon.

Snorlax pwns all:

So true, even with the egregious typo:

Ah, good old Slowpoke:

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