25 March 2012

Sorry again for the delay.

The first round of H2H will begin in 10 hours and 48 minutes. Contestants will be announced within 8 hours from the time of this post.

20 March 2012

H2H Cup Round 2 Results

With only 8 WhatPulsers remaining, the competition is heating up. The most notable result of round 2 is that WiiPlayer113 was eliminated, meaning he'll no longer get to keep his runner-up stick.

Here is the bracket as it currently stands, showing Round 2 results and quarterfinal matchups:

The H2H Cup quarterfinals begin this Saturday, March 24, and end 3 weeks later (on Saturday, April 14). The round will start and end at 8:30 AM WhatPulse time. However, with all the Daylight Savings Time changes happening over the next few weeks, I'll still count your pulses even if they're off by an hour or two. (If they're off by more than that, I'll use the formula of multiplying the total amount pulse by the percentage of the pulse that actually took place during the round.)

09 March 2012

H2H Restarting 3/17/2012

As Team Manager, I would like to take over the responsibility of H2H, since Jaume and Selly seem to have disappeared into the ether.

Battles will restart/restart on Saturday, March 17th at midnight (00:00) CDT/EST.
All users who were enrolled in H2H will be automatically re-enrolled.
Users will start with 0 points. Same point structure as before applies.
I will be monitoring the Kongregate Team @ WhatPulse thread, so if you wish to join the H2H battles, let me know. :)

Suggestions to spice things up are welcome. Please provide feedback here or in the Kongregate Team Forum Topic