30 July 2010

Head to Head battles: Week Eighteen

I can't find that first banner I used to use on H2H, so I'll use this one again.

Week Seventeen's battles (22 - 30 July)
Here are the winner and losers of last week's battles.
Battle 71:
JetLagX vs Glomple.
JetLagX has typed 147,893 keys and Glomple typed 50,000 keys.
JetLagX won by 97,893 keys!

Battle 72:
Live2Die typed 294,548 keys and Jazzaboy typed 50,601 keys.
Live2Die won by 213,947 keys!

Battle 73:
viper11475 vs gab rid.
viper11475 typed 50,573 keys and gab rid typed 177,544 keys.
gab rid won by 126,971 keys!

Battle 74:
sellyme vs Cj10203040.
sellyme typed 420,000 keys and Cj10203040 typed 79,988 keys.
sellyme won by 340,012 keys!

Battle 75:
Inquizitor vs VG.
Inquizitor typed 160,309 keys and VG typed 500,000 keys.
VG won by 339,691 keys!

Battle 76:
JaumeBG vs blood18.
JaumeBG typed 38,000 keys and blood18 typed 100,390 keys.
blood18 won by 62,390 keys!

Battle 77:
WiiPlayer113 vs Smookyolo :D.
WiiPlayer typed 229,111 keys and Smookyolo :D typed 256,490 keys.
Smookyolo :D won by 27,379 keys!

Week Eighteen's battles (30 July - 6 August)
This week we'll have 6 battles, thanks for participating and good luck!
Battle 78:

Battle 79:

Battle 80:
notverygood vs VG.

Battle 81:
Smookyolo :D vs JetLagX.

Battle 82:
viper11475 vs sellyme.

Battle 83:
WiiPlayer113 vs Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

29 July 2010

Country Vs. Country

Based on the recent country stats in our team by JaumeBG, patriotic users will love this...

8th: Poland - 21,503,062
9th: Singapore - 21,303,630
Difference - 199,432
Sellyme's tip: Singapore in about a month.

15th: Ireland - 6,451,919
16th: Argentina - 6,398,410
Difference - 53,509
Sellyme's tip: Ireland will continue to lead.

19th: Austria - 1,725,553
20th: Taiwan - 1,586,257
Difference - 139,296
Sellyme's tip: Austria.

23rd: Sweden -  308,202
24th: Bulgaria - 303,531
25th: Croatia - 287,406
Difference - 20,796
Sellyme's tip: No change.


Also, try messaging anyone inactive from your country to help win!

28 July 2010

So you herd I liek Mardek. (I, notverygood, am still a weiner)

35 devPULSE 194| 1,034,331,193

36 Tip.it Pulsers 275| 1,021,622,378

37 ElOtroLado.net 278| 987,937,599

38 Kongregate 372| 974,286,402

39 Burger-Ping 75| 969,521,741

40 Fanfiction Enthusiasts 200| 934,790,776

41 Lowyat.Net 141| 918,241,542

Kongregate WhatPulse team Country Stats

I don't know how this will work out, but here's a list of countries by number of keys they have on the Kongregate team on WhatPulse.

Instead of weekly, I might do this monthly or maybe every three weeks.

Enjoy the stats and keep typing for your country (except if it's "Unknown", then I'm not cheering for you)!

Also, as it doesn't fit completely and resizing would make it look bad, click this to see it in full size.

27 July 2010

User of the Week #11: notverygood!

Q: How did you think up your name?
A: True story… I was young and stupid, I tried “verygood”. It was taken, of course, so I tried the opposite. Or maybe it’s because I lack creativity, and wanted a name to reflect that. Hmm.

Q: Who do you think is your main opposition?
A: LOLQUE. No don’t put that, I know what you mean. Smookyolo, but only because I want to get in front of him at SOME point.
Q: Why are you awesome?
A: I’m notverygood at being awesome. Wait…

Q: What is your main WP goal?
A: Iunno. I guess the whole “beating smook” thing from earlier.

Q: Why and when did you join WP?
A: It was liek October last year when I happened upon the thread. I was impressionable, and it sounded cool. And here we are!

Q: Will you ever update the blog consistently?
A: Maybe. The whole Mardek 3 thing comes in here.

Q: Are you ever going to give selly your address so he can pay you? >.<
A: No, because PayPal.

Q: Any tips?
A: zzzzzhumwhowhaa. Keyspam. StepMania (selly), RoS (MEEEEE) and spamming notepad (VG) are all… relatively good. Until your fingers/arms/wrists die. :(

26 July 2010

Poll end!

This fortnights poll was "What position do you think the Kong team can reach?"

Here were the answers:

1st: 10 people: 45%
2nd: 2 people: 9%
3rd: 1 person: 4%
5th: 1 person: 4%
10th: 5 people: 22%
20th: 2 people: 9%
30th: No-one!: 0%
40th: 1 person: 4%

Wow, whoever voted for 40th must feel retarded considering we're now 39th. Anyway, I think we can realistically make 10th within a year, and we might max out at 7th, unless we start drafting people from other sites.

The new poll isn't coming tonight as I don't have any ideas. Feel free to submit suggestions!

23 July 2010

Head to Head battles: Week Seventeen

This banner also made by tetrismaster. Thank you!

Week Sixteen's battles (15 - 22 July)
These are the results of last week's six battles.
Battle 65:
Jazzaboy vs WiiPlayer113.
Jazzaboy has typed 44,306 keys and WiiPlayer113 type 764,490 keys.
WiiPlayer113 won by 720,184 keys!

Battle 66:
JaumeBG vs Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
JaumeBG typed 35,000 keys and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious typed 375,372 keys.
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious won by 340,372 keys!

Battle 67:
gab rid vs VG.
gab rid typed 322,424 keys and VG typed 494,382 keys.
VG won by 171,958 keys!

Battle 68:
Smookyolo :D vs notverygood.
Smookyolo :D typed 192,976 keys and notverygood typed 352,859 keys.
notverygood won by 159,883 keys!

Battle 69:
Glomple vs Cj10203040.
Glomple typed 100,000 keys and Cj10203040 typed 68,947 keys.
Glomple won by 31,053 keys!

Battle 70:
sellyme vs Inquizitor.
sellyme typed 232,000 keys and Inquizitor typed 201,633 keys.
sellyme won by 30,367 keys!

Week Seventeen's battles (22 - 29 July)
This is the list of battles that will be played this week. Good luck to all, and thanks for participating!
Battle 71:
JetLagX vs Glomple.

Battle 72:
Live2Die vs Jazzaboy.

Battle 73:
viper11475 vs gab rid.

Battle 74:
sellyme vs Cj10203040.

Battle 75:
Inquizitor vs VG.

Battle 76:
JaumeBG vs blood18.

Battle 77:
WiiPlayer113 vs Smookyolo :D