Kongpulse Writers

Sellyme: The creator of this blog. Sellyme is crazy about WhatPulse and is an absolute fanatic of it. Currently ranked #2 in the team and top 15 in the entire world. He started the idea of H2H and H3H and they've proved immensely popular. He runs the H2H Cup and any other random updates.

JaumeBG: After returning from his extended time off, JaumeBG is a welcome addition back into the blog's frequent updaters, and we're all extremely glad to have him back. Jaume is the current runner of H2H, and any inquiries about it should be directed at him.

Mysterymason: Mystery was a fill-in writer brought to the blog in mid 2011 in order to perform tasks when no-one else was available. Having shown a remarkable enthusiasm, he was quickly promoted to a full-term writer. He is now the maintainer of H3H and all of its statistics.

Inquisitor911: A rather quiet figure in WhatPulse, Inquisitor is the newest Kongpulse writer. He is dedicated to bringing you new and intriguing statistics that you probably wouldn't have seen before.