30 April 2012

On the future of H2H

Okay, let's cut to the chase.

Everyone who was in H2H when it was postponed: You're still in it unless you say you don't want to be ASAP.

Everyone who wasn't in H2H when it was postponed: You have 132 hours (6 days) to reply to this message before it's too late. If you are too late, you only have to wait two months, though.

You can notify me in Kongregate PMs, by replying to the WhatPulse thread, in comments here, or through the Skype chat (I'm "sellymekong", add me and include "WhatPulse" in your message) if you want to be included/discluded.


19 April 2012

Look who's back!

Considering that without Jaume and I Kongpulse kinda... Well, went to shit, I figured that I could work on it again. Watch this space!

(It's Sellyme, by the way)

16 April 2012

H2H Cup Quarterfinal Results

The quarterfinal round featured the closest matchup to date, with wasted defeating ajhgfa by fewer than 9000 keys. In addition, the #2 seed Mysterymason lost.

Here is how the bracket currently stands, heading into the semifinals:

Semifinal matchups will begin this Saturday, April 21, at 8:30 AM WhatPulse time (6:30 AM GMT, 2:30 AM EDT) and end Saturday, May 12, at the same time.

As far as predictions are concerned, no one can earn any more points from their predictions (all of the upsets had a lot to do with that). Sellyme is officially the prediction winner, with a total of 22 points. Jaume is 2nd with 18 points, and I finish third with 13 points.

Good luck to the semifinalists: ExplodingPonyToast, VforVendetta, X-Kal, and wasted!