27 November 2010

Head to Head battles Finals: Qualifier

The Quarterfinals of the Head to Head battles started yesterday but we didn't post about it because we were awaiting Crypto's response and Live2Die's response to if they wanted to participate... They didn't respond positively so Vegard and ST3ALTH15 will takes their places.

Qualifier (26 November–3 December)
So yes, it started yesterday, so if your pulse started yesterday it won't matter. Now in this round, as was explained, there are 10 participants. All of the participants are facing each other and on 3 December we'll see who has typed the most and who has typed the least. The two users who've typed the least will lose. So yeah, simply try your best if you want to qualify!
Qualifier Battle 1:
gta0004 vs IAmTheCandyman vs JaumeBG vs racefan12 vs sellyme vs ST3ALTH15 vs tetrismaster vs Vegard20 vs videogames518 vs WiiPlayer113.

Good luck and let the best win!

26 November 2010

Head to Head: FINAL RANKINGS 2010

Okay, I want to clarify things from the start.

Green background = Qualified, end of story
Yellow background = Qualified, but may be pushed out by inactives
Red background = No chance of getting in, sorry
Grey background = Inactive people. As most of these (Only exception being nowhere near the top 10) were randomly put in in the first two weeks of H2H, we have decided to discount them unless they opt in. Thus they do not count in the H2H rankings, and that is why it is possible for Vegard20 and ST3ALTH15 to be knocked out of H2H by tomorrow.

For the 6 inactives in the mix, if they message me or Jaume, or post on the WP thread saying they want in in the next 22 hours, their data will be replaced, and they will (likely) be in the finals.

If your name is in yellow, you are still highly likely to make the Finals, don't worry.
If your name is in red, better luck next year, you will all do considerably better with our plans.
If your name is in green, congratulations, and good luck!
If your name is in grey, contact us to get in the mix again.

Good luck to all, and to all a good night!

Results of the Head to Head battles: Week Thirty-four

So we conclude the H2H with the results of the H2H:W34 (and after this we'll make a post with the H2H:Finals)

Week Thirty-four's battles (19–26 November)
Well, we'll end the Head to Head battles, the normal season, with the results of the last week of them. These were the results of the ten battles.
Battle 175:
BobTehPoner vs sellyme.
BobTehPoner typed 50,422 keys and sellyme typed 280,000 keys.
sellyme wins by 229,578 keys!

Battle 176:
Inquisitor911 vs EliwoodX.
Inquisitor911 typed 96,907 and EliwoodX typed 89,977 keys.
Inquisitor911 wins by 6,930 keys!

Battle 177:
JaumeBG vs SlasherX.
JaumeBG typed 260,000 keys and SlasherX typed 62,856 keys.
JaumeBG wins by 197,144 keys!

Battle 178:
Cj10203040 vs racefan12.
Cj10203040 typed 33,423 keys and racefan12 typed 66,948 keys.
racefan12 wins by 33,525 keys!

Battle 179:
VG vs IAmTheCandyman.
VG typed 290,707 keys and IAmTheCandyman typed 76,900 keys.

Battle 180:
Vegard20 vs iGark.
Vegard20 typed 151,422 keys and iGark typed 112,432 keys.
Vegard20 wins by 38,990 keys.

Battle 181:
RandomPersonnnnn vs ST3ALTH15.
RandomPersonnnnn typed 19,086 keys Note (place mouse here to read) and ST3ALTH15 typed 64,171 keys Note.
ST3ALTH15 wins by 45,085 keys!

Battle 182:
King_Matt vs Jazzaboy.
King_Matt typed 12,917 keys Note and Jazzaboy typed 111,539 keys.
Jazzaboy wins by 98,622 keys!

Battle 183:
Sheepie XD vs gta0004.
Sheepie XD typed 0 keys and gta0004 typed 58,344 keys.
gta0004 wins by 58,344 keys!

Battle 184:
gab rid vs WiiPlayer113.
gab rid typed 23,976 keys and WiiPlayer113 typed 133,753 keys.
WiiPlayer113 wins by 109,777 keys!

19 November 2010

List of Head to Head battlers (Week 34)

An update of the List of Head to Head battlers. This time explaining how you can qualify for the Finals. Only 10 will qualify for them! Also, note that this time users with the same amount of points are ranked by number of battles played, not alphabetically.

If users are drawn by points, then it goes to number of games, then it goes to winners of games against each other, then it goes to winners of games against higher ranked, then keys difference, if they're still drawn, they'll be drawn, but if necessary to determine spots 10 and 11, they'll play a unique match against themselves.

"Q" means this user has qualified for the Finals; "D" means this user needs one more win or if lucky by doing nothing they can qualify if nearby ranked users do nothing; "N" means this user can't qualify at all...

1. sellyme 20 ₧ (+1) Q
2. JaumeBG 5 ₧ (+1) (▲1) Q
3. WiiPlayer113 4 ₧ (-1) (▼1) Q
4. gta0004 3 ₧ (-1) (▼1) Q
5. tetrismaster 2 ₧ Q
6. VG 2 ₧ (▼1) D
7. racefan12 2 ₧ (+1) (▲2) D
8. IAmTheCandyman 2 ₧ (+1) (▲1) D
9. Cryptosporidian 2 ₧ (▼4) D
10. Live2Die 2 ₧ (▼5) D
11. EliwoodX 1 ₧ (new) D
12. AlisonClaire 1 ₧ (▼2) D
13. blood18 1 ₧ (▼3) D
14. Kove 1 ₧ (▼4) D
15. Nabb 1 ₧ (▼5) D
16. Vegard20 0 ₧ (+1) (▲3) D
17. HappyAlcoholic 0 ₧ (+1) (▲2) N
18. Darkruler2005 0 ₧ (▼2) N
19. Cj10203040 -1 ₧ (+1) (▲10) N
20. Inquisitor911 -1 ₧ (-1) (▼4) N
21. RandomPersonnnnn -1 ₧ (-1) (▼5) N
22. iGark -1 ₧ (new) N
23. bladewing650 -1 ₧ (▼3) N
24. Colin -1 ₧ (▼4) N
25. Elldaman311 -1 ₧ (▼5) N
26. 7ACK14 -1 ₧ (▼6) N
27. Kispus -1 ₧ (▼7) N
28. sasms -1 ₧ (▼8) N
29. wizard96 -1 ₧ (▼9) N
30. SlasherX -2 ₧ (-1) (▼10) N
31. shadow29live -3 ₧ N
32. Sheepie XD -5 ₧ (-1) N
33. Jazzaboy -7 ₧ N
34. Glomple -12 ₧ (▲1) N
35. viper11475 -12 ₧ (-1) (▼1) N

Head to Head battles: Week Thirty-four

Final week of the Head to Head battles!

Week Thirty-three's battles (12–19 November)
This is the last Head to Head battles of this year! Next week will be the first week on the Head to Head battles Finals! Ten people will qualify for them, the ten highest ranked in the Head to Head battles List will qualify. By the way, if there are people who have the same amount of points, the person who has played the most battles will qualify. Next year, starting on Saturday, 1 January 2011 (and every Saturday from then), we'll start off the Head to Head battles 2011! We'll have an improved system of everything and it'll be way more fun too!
Battle 167:
Cj10203040 vs WiiPlayer113.
Cj10203040 typed 97,259 keys and WiiPlayer113 typed 0 keys.
Cj10203040 won by 97,259 keys!

Battle 168:
gta0004 vs JaumeBG.
gta0004 typed 35,084 keys and JaumeBG typed 190,000 keys.
JaumeBG won by 154,916 keys!

Battle 169:
RandomPersonnnnn vs HappyAlcoholic.
RandomPersonnnnn (Cocoa's new alt) typed 18,283 keys and HappyAlcoholic typed 28,550 keys.
HappyAlcoholic won by 10,267 keys! Note (place mouse here if interested).

Battle 170:
IAmTheCandyman vs Inquisitor911.
IAmTheCandyman typed 132,954 keys and Inquisitor911 typed 101,400 keys.
IAmTheCandyman won by 31,554 keys!

Battle 171:
racefan12 vs SlasherX.
racefan12 typed 139,100 keys and SlasherX typed 89,159 keys.
racefan12 won by 49,941 keys!

Battle 172:
sellyme vs iGark.
sellyme typed 170,000 keys and iGark typed 0 keys.
sellyme won by 170,000 keys!

Battle 173:
Sheepie XD vs EliwoodX/Verdilian.
Sheepie XD typed 26,859 keys and EliwoodX typed 72,800 keys.
EliwoodX wins by 45,941 keys! Note (place mouse here to read).

Battle 174:
Vegard20 vs viper11475.
Vegard20 typed 202,051 keys and viper11475 typed 0 keys.
Vegard20 won by 202,051 keys! Note (place mouse here, Vegard).

Week Thirty-four's battles (19–26 November)
This week we have 20 participants! That is a record! Thanks everyone for participanting and... good luck!
Battle 175:
BobTehPoner vs sellyme.

Battle 176:
Inquisitor911 vs EliwoodX.

Battle 177:
JaumeBG vs SlasherX.

Battle 178:
Cj10203040 vs racefan12.

Battle 179:
VG vs IAmTheCandyman.

Battle 180:
Vegard20 vs iGark.

Battle 181:
RandomPersonnnnn vs ST3ALTH15.

Battle 182:
King_Matt vs Jazzaboy.

Battle 183:
Sheepie XD vs gta0004.

Battle 184:
tetrismaster vs WiiPlayer113