31 August 2010

(To Those About to Rock) We Salute You!

Welcome! Tetrismaster is our newest Kongpulse writer, and it will be great to have him. What this means for everyone is a blog update every day. Well, technically not, but an average of one a day. I hope you enjoy this period of prosperity, and in September alone we hope to hit 25 blog updates.

Oh, and just for the self reference, we'll also be publishing stats about the blog itself quite commonly now. Enjoy!

30 August 2010

The Latest Top H2H Battlers

Here is the list of the best head-to-head battlers.
Rules of this list:
1. You get +1 point for every win and -1 for every loss.
2. and mean rank up and down
3. + and - mean points in this table, compared to last week.
The list:

1: sellyme 10 ₧ (+6) 2: gab rid 6 ₧ (+1) 3: VG 4 ₧ (+3) 6: Cryptosporidian 2 ₧ 6: IAmTheCandyman 2 ₧ 6: WiiPlayer113 2 ₧ 12: AlisonClaire 1 12: Kove 1 ₧ 12: squall7775 1 ₧ 12: Nab =P 1 ₧ 12: blood18 1 ₧ (+1) 12: Live2Die 1 (+1) 15: Agent_86 0 ₧ 15: racefan12 0 ₧ 15: Mr. Bean 0 ₧ 27: bladewing650 -1 ₧ 27: Colin -1 ₧ 27: Elldaman311 -1 ₧ 27: HappyAlcoholic -1 ₧ 27: IlavDralgoner -1 ₧ 27: Kispus -1 ₧ 27: Sasms -1 ₧ 27: SlasherX48 -1 ₧ 27: wizard96 -1 ₧ 27: Jazzaboy -1 ₧ 27: Cj10203040 -1 ₧ (-3) 27: Inquizitor -1 (-2)
Sheepie XD -2 ₧ 29: shadow29live -3 ₧ 31: JaumeBG -4 ₧ (-1) 31: viper11475 -4 ₧ (-2)
I will do the rank up and rank down next time, because its a bit too much, with all the people who have left since the last update. :)
This is my first blog post, so go easy on me :P
If there is anyone I've missed, pm me

WhatPulse guides: Settings and Customization

This week's WhatPulse guide is on what you can do in the WhatPulse settings and how you can change them to your preferred settings.

How to get to them

This is how to get to the WhatPulse settings.
  1. Right click the WhatPulse icon.

  2. Click on "Program Settings".

  3. Now you've got the Settings open.

What different things do

Program Settings → Settings.

Here we can see important settings which are very important.
  • Launch at Windows Startup. This allows WhatPulse to launch automatically and make the programme work once you switch on your computer. I think it's very useful, and if you don't tick it, you'll have to launch it automatically once you turn on your computer.

  • Show Splash Screen on Startup. This option allows you to have the logo of WhatPulse show up once you've launched it. It doesn't really matter if you've got this one ticked or not, but I prefer it ticked as then I can see if WhatPulse has launched correctly or not.

  • Use Alt+Ctrl+P to Pulse. Ticking this will allow you to pulse your amount of keys and clicks using Alt+Ctrl+P (all at once) or not.

  • Double Click Tray Icon to Pulse. If you tick this you can pulse by double clicking the WhatPulse icon at the toolbar, bottom right of your screen. I personally don't like these as it may pulse for you by accident.

  • Check Version on Startup. This is useful and I'll recommend it as it allows you to see if there's a new version of WhatPulse for you to download every time you start up your computer.

  • Restart Timers on Manual Pulse. The Timers are what allows you to pulse automatically at a certain amount of keys, clicks or hours, which we'll explain later on. If you tick this, every time you pulse manually (pulsing by clicking "Pulse Now!"), the keys, clicks and hours you've set will reset to zero which will make you have to set them yourself again.

  • Pulse Before Windows Shutdown. I've tried this one, and it didn't work for me for some reason. But in theory, it's supposed to, as it says, pulse for you automatically before your Windows computer shuts down. It might be useful it you want to compare how many keys you type a day for example.

  • Blink Tray Upon Key/Click. You surely have noticed that everytime you press a key or click your mouse, the WhatPulse icon shows an arrow until you've stopped pressing or clicking it, if this annoys you, untick it so you won't see it anymore.

  • Use Tray Balloons. I must say, I'm not entirely sure what "Tray Balloons" are, but my guess is that they're that informative progress text that pops up when you hover your mouse over the WhatPulse toolbar icon.

  • Spawn Geek Window on Startup. This allows you to let WhatPulse launch the Geek Window once you start up your computer if you want or not.

Program Settings → Timers.

The Timers allow you to pulse once every time you set it to do so.
  • Hour(s). The number you put in here will define every number of hour or hours you'll pulse automatically. Useful if you want to see how much you pulse every hour for example.

  • Keys. The number you put in here will define every set number of keys you'll pulse. For example, if you put 9,001, you will automatically pulse every 9,001 keys. Useful if you'd like to compare keys to click ratio overtime, for example.

  • Clicks. Basically the same as with in keys, but this time with clicks.

Program Settings #2.

More programme settings which you can customize.
  • Distance Type. This allows to see how many miles, kilometres or metres you've moved your mouse during your pulse. If you've got the Geek Window open and this set on metres, you'll see live how many (centi)metres you're moving!

  • Check Version. This allows you to check for new versions of WhatPulse every week, month or, if you don't like it, never.

  • Ports. You shouldn't really change this one except if you've got port problems. If so, change your port to the other one and it should work fine again.

  • Extra Options. In these two extra options you can choose if you'd like WhatPulse to show no automated popups (for example: "pulsed with 123,456 keys, 789,012 clicks and 3.45 miles!") if you don't particularly like them and if you'd like to generate a local XML file every five minutes (which would record your stats and other interesting stuff every five minutes.

  • Counter Settings. If you really dislike, keys, clicks and/or mouse distance, here you can tick whichever one you dislike and WhatPulse will stop counting them for you.

Proxy Settings.

This allows for computer experts to choose a different proxy server and name if they'd prefer to do so.

Geek Window Skin.

Here you can change different settings of the Geek Window.
  • Geek Window Colours and Positions. Here you can set the colours you want it to have in Hexadecimal colours and also its width.

  • Geek Window Options. Here you can set if it if you want it to show you the time of next pulse (I don't know what this is, so I can't actually explain what it is) and the transparency of the Geek Window, i.e., if you'd like it to show the background of the programme you've got below it.

So, that's it for this WhatPulse guide article. I hope it has helped you or that you enjoyed reading it!

28 August 2010

Country Stats (28 August)

As far as I can see, the last time we updated the Country Stats it was the 7th of May, so I think it's about time for a new update in these stats.

The countries will have gained an amount of keys compared to that last Country Stats update.

I'd just like to point out that "▼" and "▲" mean rise in rank, "+" and "-" mean difference in number of keys and "(New)" means that this country is new to the top 25 countries.

1: United States 88,904,736,856 keys (+1,642,133,425)
2: Netherlands 48,905,359,501 keys (+1,012,111,422)
3: Germany 31,762,167,625 keys (+683,483,953)
4: Poland 29,328,258,433 keys (+959,351,711)
5: United Kingdom 21,393,091,846 keys (+373,936,970)
6: Canada 18,731,609,294 keys (+440,793,906)
7: Australia 11,977,501,637 keys (+220,028,788)
8: Chile 11,407,297,704 keys (-75,697,820)
9: Belgium 11,343,582,145 keys (+114,584,106)
10: Sweden 9,771,039,525 keys (+218,438,668)
11: Finland 9,484,530,962 keys (+196,368,653)
12: Czech Republic 8,325,712,091 keys (+183,385,608)
13: Unknown 6,424,900,853 keys (+1,537,242,951) (▲3)
14: Estonia 6,029,499,884 keys (+235,163,222) (▼1)
15: Italy 5,525,940,571 keys (-15,720,377) (▼1)
16: Slovakia 5,072,163,346 keys (+60,192,685) (▼1)
17: Norway 4,889,471,412 keys (+104,047,648)
Hungary 3,899,648,641 keys (+117,481,417)
19: Denmark 3,734,514,868 keys (+93,430,036)
20: Brazil 3,578,610,643 keys (+81,584,475)
21: Spain 3,110,119,380 keys (+25,120,414)
22: Portugal 3,042,914,895 keys (+52,033,742)
23: Bulgaria 2,625,219,299 keys (+66,720,764)
24: France 2,524,454,223 keys (+70,241,297)
25: New Zealand 2,376,150,339 keys (+92,829,358) (▲1)

Battling for the front page...
26: Malaysia 2,326,190,063 keys (-17,801,053) (▼1)
27: Romania 2,297,282,230 keys (+134,504,825)
28: Singapore 2,062,623,364 keys (+20,745,501)

27 August 2010

Team Stats!

37th: ElOtroLado.net: ElOtroLado.net has accumulated a total of 991,937,992 keys, from 278 members. A password is required.

38th: Burger-Ping: Burger-Ping has accumulated a total of 971,314,175 keys, from 75 members. No password required.

39th: Kongregate: Us awesome people have accumulated an incredibly outstanding 959,164,115 keys, from 365 dedicated members. A password is required to join this unbeatable team.

40th: Fanfiction Enthusiasts: This team of sore losers has accumulated 953,559,838 keys from 200 members. A password is required.

41st: Lowyat.net: Lowyat.net has accumulated 921,105,217 keys, from 141 members. No password required.

Head to Head battles: Week Twenty-two

Can we get to 100 weeks of H2H? :O

Week Twenty-one's battles (20 - 27 August)
Here are the results of last week's five matches which marked the 100th battle.
Battle 97:
VG vs WiiPlayer113.
VG typed 72,163 keys and WiiPlayer113 typed 147,238 keys.
WiiPlayer113 wins by 75,075 keys!
Place mouse here to read a note about this battle.

Battle 98:
JetLagX vs Cj10203040.
JetLagX typed 239,558 keys and Cj10203040 typed 124,235 keys.
Cj10203040 wins as JetLagX left the team!

Battle 99:
Jazzaboy vs Glomple.
Jazzaboy typed 73,119 keys and Glomple typed 50,000 keys.
Jazzaboy wins by 23,119 keys and would've also won as Glomple left the team.

Battle 100:
Jaume vs sellyme.
Jaume typed 111,000 keys and sellyme typed 240,000 keys.
sellyme wins by 129,000 keys!

Battle 101:
viper11475 vs gab rid.
viper11475 typed 100,713 keys and gab rid typed 0 keys.
viper11475 wins by 100,713 keys!

Week Twenty-two's battles (27 August - 3 September)
Four battles this week, good luck to all and enjoy! Again, sorry for repeated matches (like tetris vs Jaume), there aren't that many players, so yeah.
Battle 102:
gab rid vs Jaume.

Battle 103:
sellyme vs Sheepie XD.

Battle 104:
Jazzaboy vs Cj10203040.

Battle 105:
viper11475 vs WiiPlayer113.