14 June 2010

How to optimize your stats tracking with the numerous available WP gadgets!

I know most of you reading this are probably in Whatpulse for the stats, so I decided to get you an ultimate package of the possible customizations.

Live Stats: Who of you wants to see how much you've typed live without having to mess around with the website and a calculator? Well now you can. Right click the "W" and click "Open Geek Window". It may seem sad at first but after a while you'll find out it went up by 5k without you noticing. You can even change the opacity, so it hides that porn you're watching by right clicking the "W" in you taskbar, selecting "Program Settings", then slecting "Geek Window Skin".

Miles? Pfft, stupid Americans: Irritated by your Geek Window and Application showing Miles? Do you make sense of the stupidified Imperial system? Well the M/KM setting is for you. Simply right click the "W" in your taskbar, select "Program Settings" and go to the "Program Settings 2" tab. From here you can change from miles to either Metres or Kilometres.

OCD?: If you have OCD like me, you'll probably get annoyed at always having to pulse arbitrary numbers like 74,284 or 21,630. However, if you right click the "W" in your task bar and select "Program Settings" you can change the program default to pulse at any round number! You can even make it pulse at a certain amount of clicks or after a specific time!

Premium Membership: Let's be honest, that free trial on whatpulse.org was useless. Had a few cool graphs, but http://stats.free-dc.org/stats.php?page=proj&proj=what was far better. It has an incredible amount of stats and graphs but unfortunately, not all teams are represented. Kongregate are though!

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