25 June 2011

Prize-giving ceremony for the winners of the January–June 2011 Head to Head battles League

This season has been a great season, the first well-organised season has come out as a success. Or at least I believe so. Thank you all for having participated and participate in the future if you enjoyed it! It started on 1 January and has ended today, 25 June. That is 25 weeks in a row typing continuously by members of the Kongregate, Kongregate Elite, Jiggmin and WhatNET teams.

Currently we have 36 WhatPulsers who have signed up for the July–December Head to Head battles. If that stays the same by 2 July, we will have 2 divisions of 18 people each. However, that may change. If we get 44 or more users (which is unlikely, but possible), we will have 3 divisions and the new division we have been talking about: the Tercera Division. If there are 44 sign-ups, we'd have 16, 16 and 12 people in each division respectively. If you haven't signed up yet and would like to do so, post in the Kongregate @ WhatPulse thread or if you're not a Kongregate user, email Jaume at jaume-piscis@hotmail.com.

The winners are...
In the Segunda Division the winner is Jazzaboy! Jazza has managed to win 23 out of the 25 matches, losing the other 2. That is 92% of matches won by Jazza. The second was Inquisitor, who was slightly behind with 6 points less and with an 84% win percentage. Jazza typed 257.59 keys for every 100 keys that were typed against him and typed a grand total of 2,902,114 keys, which is 776,687 more keys than the closest other Segunda Division with the highest amount of keys.

For that reason, Jazzaboy is awarded the January–June 2011 Head to Head battles League Segunda Division trophy! Congratulations!

In the Primera Division the winner is Sellyme! Sellyme has also done very well—even better! Sellyme has somehow typed 71,704,002 keys this season. Sellyme has won 84% of his matches, the same percentage as Kisame, who was a very close second. However, Selly typed 66,077,832 keys more than Kisame. Sellyme has lost only 4 matches throughout these six months. He typed 1,494.51 keys for every 100 typed against him. Sellyme has managed to get 63 points this season.

Sellyme is therefore awarded the January–June 2011 Head to Head battles Primera Division trophy! Congrats. :)

So congratulations to you both, you did phenomenal, and better luck next time to the rest of us!

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