26 November 2010

Head to Head: FINAL RANKINGS 2010

Okay, I want to clarify things from the start.

Green background = Qualified, end of story
Yellow background = Qualified, but may be pushed out by inactives
Red background = No chance of getting in, sorry
Grey background = Inactive people. As most of these (Only exception being nowhere near the top 10) were randomly put in in the first two weeks of H2H, we have decided to discount them unless they opt in. Thus they do not count in the H2H rankings, and that is why it is possible for Vegard20 and ST3ALTH15 to be knocked out of H2H by tomorrow.

For the 6 inactives in the mix, if they message me or Jaume, or post on the WP thread saying they want in in the next 22 hours, their data will be replaced, and they will (likely) be in the finals.

If your name is in yellow, you are still highly likely to make the Finals, don't worry.
If your name is in red, better luck next year, you will all do considerably better with our plans.
If your name is in green, congratulations, and good luck!
If your name is in grey, contact us to get in the mix again.

Good luck to all, and to all a good night!

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