19 February 2011

Head to Head battles League: Round Eight

Round Seven's battles (12–19 February)
Another week without any other blog updates again... Anyway, here are the results last week's Head to Head battles. Last week (15 Feb.) it was Kranix's birthday, so happy birthday to you!
Primera Division
Battle 96:
Cryptosporidian vs Live2Die.
Cryptosporidian typed 267,417 keys and Live2Die typed 190,240 keys.
Cryptosporidian wins by 77,177 keys!

Battle 97:
Carbon vs 09Kisame09.
Carbon typed 190,000 keys and 09Kisame09 typed 200,000 keys.
09Kisame09 wins by 10,000 keys!

Battle 98:
Badgy_McBadger vs videogames518.
Badgy_McBadger typed 71,255 keys and videogames518 typed 41,857 keys.
Badgy_McBadger wins by 29,398 keys!

Battle 99:
Ducklette vs hippyman27.
Ducklette typed 15,936 keys and hippyman27 typed 0 keys.
Ducklette wins by 15,936 keys!

Battle 100:
HappyAlcoholic vs WiiPlayer113.
HappyAlcoholic typed 0 keys and WiiPlayer113 typed 33,804 keys.
WiiPlayer113 wins by 33,804 keys!

Battle 101:
IAmTheCandyman vs Sellyme.
IAmTheCandyman typed 70,686 keys and Sellyme typed 99,300 keys.
Sellyme wins by 28,614!

Battle 102:
PhoenixW vs Vegard20.
PhoenixW typed 1,113,753 keys and Vegard20 typed 103,143 keys.
PhoenixW wins by 1,010,610 keys!

Battle 103:
JaumeBG vs Hokage4354.
JaumeBG typed 91,000 keys and Hokage4354 typed 0 keys.
JaumeBG wins by 91,000 keys!

Segunda Division
Battle 104:
gta0004 vs iGark.
gta0004 typed 96,642 keys and iGark typed 250,000 keys.
iGark wins by 153,358 keys!

Battle 105:
Jazzaboy vs King_Matt.
Jazzaboy typed 79,108 keys and King_Matt typed 8,745 keys.
Jazzaboy wins by 70,363 keys!

Battle 106:
Kranix vs Inquisitor911.
Kranix typed 0 keys and Inquisitor911 typed 71,119 keys.
Inquisitor911 wins by 71,119 keys!

Battle 107:
Darkir vs shadow29live.
Darkir typed 60,000 keys and shadow29live typed 0 keys.
Darkir wins by 60,000 keys!

Battle 108:
BobTehPoner vs Sheepie XD.
BobTehPoner typed 0 keys and Sheepie XD typed 6,071 keys.
Sheepie XD wins by 6,071 keys!

Battle 109:
Cj10203040 vs SlasherX.
Cj10203040 typed 66,971 keys and SlasherX typed 30,000 keys.
Cj10203040 wins by 36,971 keys!

Battle 110:
EliwoodX vs ST3ALTH15.
EliwoodX typed 100,021 keys and ST3ALTH15 typed 57,655 keys.
EliwoodX wins by 42,366 keys!

Battle 111:
tetrismaster vs Glomple.
tetrismaster typed 201,505 keys and Glomple typed 37,500 keys.
tetrismaster wins by 164,005 keys!

Round Eight's battles (19–26 February)
More battles this week. Even though some of you might be thinking, "oh this sucks, 0/5. Less and less people type every week, why should I participate in this?", it is an opportunity for us active WhatPulsers, as it's easier to win! This week we have another birthday, it's JaumeBG's birthday (21 Feb.)! :D (If you want me to say something along these lines on the week of your birthday and haven't posted your birthday date on UKBT, just PM me on Kongregate.)
Primera Division
Battle 112:
Ducklette vs Hokage4354.

Battle 113:
HappyAlcoholic vs JaumeBG.

Battle 114:
hippyman27 vs IAmTheCandyman.

Battle 115:
PhoenixW vs Live2Die.

Battle 116:
09Kisame09 vs WiiPlayer113.

Battle 117:
Cryptosporidian vs videogames518.

Battle 118:
Carbon vs Vegard20.

Battle 119:
sellyme vs Badgy_McBadger.

Segunda Division
Battle 120:
tetrismaster vs ST3ALTH15.

Battle 121:
Sheepie XD vs SlasherX.

Battle 122:
shadow29live vs King_Matt.

Battle 123:
Kranix vs Jazzaboy.

Battle 124:
Inquisitor911 vs gta0004.

Battle 125:
iGark vs Glomple.

Battle 126:
EliwoodX vs Cj10203040.

Battle 127:
Darkir vs BobTehPoner.

League standings (19 February)
Jazza is again first in the Segunda Division, closely followed by iGark. While in the Primera, Selly has regained his position as first of the Primera Division, closely followed by Carbon, Kisame and Jaume.
Segunda Division

Primera Division

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