05 February 2011

Head to Head battles League: Round Six

Round Five's battles (29 January–5 February)
So we've been through 20% of the Head to Head battles of the League so far already. These are the results of last week's H2H.
Primera Division
Battle 65:
HappyAlcoholic vs Ducklette.
HappyAlcoholic typed 0 keys and Ducklette typed 167,922 keys.
Ducklette wins by 167,922 keys!

Battle 66:
Hokage4354 vs hippyman27.
Hokage4354 typed 5,833 keys and hippyman27 typed 52,040 keys.
hippyman27 wins by 46,207 keys!

Battle 67:
Live2Die vs Badgy_McBadger.
Live2Die typed 157,053 keys and Badgy_McBadger typed 98,629 keys.
Live2Die wins by 58,434 keys!

Battle 68:
Carbon vs WiiPlayer113.
Carbon typed 260,000 keys and WiiPlayer113 typed 2,168 keys.
Carbon wins by 257,832 keys!

Battle 69:
09Kisame09 vs Vegard20.
09Kisame09 typed 100,000 keys and Vegard20 typed 143,919 keys.
Vegard20 wins by 43,919 keys!

Battle 70:
Cryptosporidian vs sellyme.
Cryptosporidian typed 0 keys and sellyme typed 2,811 keys.
sellyme wins by 2,811 keys!

Battle 71:
PhoenixW vs IAmTheCandyman.
PhoenixW typed 831,071 keys and IAmTheCandyman typed 91,714 keys.
PhoenixW wins by 739,357 keys!

Battle 72:
videogames518 vs JaumeBG.
videogames518 typed 0 keys and JaumeBG typed 581,000 keys.
JaumeBG wins by 581,000 keys!

Segunda Division
Battle 73:
Darkir vs Cj10203040.
Darkir typed 40,000 keys and Cj10203040 typed 59,045 keys.
Cj10203040 wins by 19,045 keys!

Battle 74:
EliwoodX vs iGark.
EliwoodX typed 82,239 keys and iGark typed 203,879 keys.
iGark wins by 121,640 keys.

Battle 75:
Glomple vs gta0004.
Glomple typed 37,500 keys and gta0004 typed 97,986 keys.
gta0004 wins by 60,486 keys!

Battle 76:
Sheepie XD vs King_Matt.
Sheepie XD typed 0 keys and King_Matt typed 3,884 keys.
King_Matt wins by 3,884 keys!

Battle 77:
Inquisitor911 vs tetrismaster.
Inquisitor911 typed 124,500 keys and tetrismaster typed 54,327 keys.
Inquisitor911 wins by 70,173 keys!

Battle 78:
SlasherX vs Jazzaboy.
SlasherX typed 58,875 keys and Jazzaboy typed 98,539 keys.
Jazzaboy wins by 39,664 keys!

Battle 78:
Kranix vs shadow29live.
Kranix typed 90,431 keys and shadow29live typed 82,423 keys.
Kranix wins by 8,008 keys!

Battle 79:
BobTehPoner vs ST3ALTH15.
BobTehPoner typed 0 keys and ST3ALTH15 typed 20,581 keys.
ST3ALTH15 wins by 20,581 keys!

Round Six's battles (5–12 February)
Another week of the Head to Head battles League begins and so does a week of the Cup. By the way, if you think the Head to Head battles is tiring, then just rest for a week! (You don't have to win every match.) :P
Primera Division
Battle 80:
WiiPlayer113 vs Live2Die.

Battle 81:
09Kisame09 vs sellyme.

Battle 82:
Badgy_McBadger vs Vegard20.

Battle 83:
videogames518 vs Carbon.

Battle 84:
JaumeBG vs hippyman27.

Battle 85:
PhoenixW vs Ducklette.

Battle 86:
IAmTheCandyman vs HappyAlcoholic.

Battle 87:
Cryptosporidian vs Hokage4354.

Segunda Division
Battle 88:
Kranix vs tetrismaster.

Battle 89:
iGark vs Sheepie XD.

Battle 90:
shadow29live vs gta0004.

Battle 91:
Glomple vs ST3ALTH15.

Battle 92:
EliwoodX vs Inquisitor911.

Battle 93:
Darkir vs King_Matt.

Battle 94:
Jazzaboy vs Cj10203040.

Battle 95:
BobTehPoner vs SlasherX.

League standings (5 February)
After Round Five, here is how the League standings look like. Sellyme is first and Jazzaboy is first in their divisions still.
"Pos" means position (rank), "Pld" means battles played, "W" means number of battles won, "D" means draws, "L" means losses, "KF" means keys for (how many keys in total this Kongregator has typed in total since the beginning of the H2H of this year), "KA" means keys against (how many keys in total have been typed against them in battles), "%" means the percentage of keys the person got in comparison to opponents, "Pts" means points (you get 3 for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss) and "Qualification or relegation" means if this league was to end now, if the user would relegate to a below division or if this user was to qualify for a higher division.
Primera Division

Segunda Division

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