08 May 2011


Kongpulse is proud to announce that we have incorporated Adf.ly into the website! For those of you not familiar with adf.ly, it is similar to bit.ly, except it shows the viewers simple .jpg ads while redirecting. Okay, sure, that seems like a dick move, but it's only 5 seconds before it moves on, and every second is the equivalent of a tenth of a cent. Now, Kongpulse gets around 1500 page views a month, and has 100 links a page, with roughly 1.8 link clicks per page view. Using simple maths, that's almost $15 a month purely from a few seconds a day.

Again, this may seem like me being a greedy bastard, but for the last few months I have had almost no time to update, and Jaume has had to do the majority of the work. A minimum 25% of profits will be going directly to him as rewards for the efforts he's been putting in for the blog, and for you, the readers, the other 75% will be split between getting some actual coding done to set up automated stats, so there'll be detailed information for every user; every day, incentive for me to work on the website we never got around to hosting, and (possibly) a fully dedicated server and .com address. That's right, thanks to a few seconds a day, you may sometime soon see kongpulse.com up and running!

To those who detest ads and run Ad-block+, I plead for you to add exceptions to adf.ly/* and kongpulse.blogspot.com/*, as none of the ads on either website are beyond .html and .jpg, so there's no annoying flash ads or auto-play movies. A simple 15kb and 5 seconds of your time will help Kongpulse go from a relatively popular blog to a fully functional and consistently updated webpage!

If you feel like you absolutely despise all kinds of ads, you have every right to run ad-block, but remember, every ad you block, a puppy dies.

Oh, and if this turns out well, there will be Kong merchandise prize drawings for Kongpulse members, so there's something in it for you as well. Keep your eyes open for any events that may be coming up soon!

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