22 May 2011

Head to Head battles League: Round Twenty-one

Round Twenty's battles (14–21 May)
The world hasn't ended! There go my chances of meeting Jesus Christ.
Primera Division
Battle 304:
Ducklette vs WiiPlayer113.
Ducklette typed 0 keys and WiiPlayer113 typed 618,279 keys.
WiiPlayer113 wins by 618,279 keys!

Battle 305:
hippyman27 vs Cryptosporidian.
hippyman27 typed 0 keys and Cryptosporidian typed 0 keys.
It's a draw!

Battle 306:
Carbon vs JaumeBG.
Carbon typed 100,000 keys and JaumeBG typed 111,000 keys.
JaumeBG wins by 11,000 keys!

Battle 307:
09Kisame09 vs Badgy_McBadger.
09Kisame09 typed 366,667 keys and Badgy_McBadger typed 0 keys.
09Kisame09 wins by 366,667 keys!

Battle 308:
Hokage4354 vs no one (bye).
Hokage typed 0 keys, yet still wins!

Battle 309:
Live2Die vs HappyAlcoholic.
Live2Die typed 65,439 keys and HappyAlcoholic typed 0 keys.
Live2Die wins by 65,439 keys!

Battle 310:
Sellyme vs videogames518.
Sellyme typed 739,000 keys and videogames518 typed 0 keys.
Sellyme wins by 739,000 keys!

Battle 311:
IAmTheCandyman vs Vegard20.
IAmTheCandyman typed 0 keys and Vegard20 typed 170,814 keys.
Vegard20 wins by 170,814 keys!

Segunda Division
Battle 312:
Cj10203040 vs King_Matt.
Cj10203040 typed 37,054 keys and King_Matt typed 2,006 keys.
Cj10203040 wins by 35,048 keys!

Battle 313:
gta0004 vs tetrismaster.
gta0004 typed 20,002 keys and tetrismaster typed 12,579 keys.
gta0004 wins by 7,423 keys!

Battle 314:
Darkir vs EliwoodX.
Darkir typed 90,000 keys and EliwoodX typed 3,322 keys.
Darkir wins by 86,678 keys.

Battle 315:
BobTehPoner vs Glomple.
BobTehPoner typed 0 keys and Glomple typed 35,714 keys.
Glomple wins by 35,714 keys!

Battle 316:
Jazzaboy vs Sheepie XD.
Jazzaboy typed 54,314 keys and Sheepie XD typed 0 keys.
Jazzaboy wins by 54,314 keys!

Battle 317:
Kranix vs ST3ALTH15.
Kranix typed 1,426 keys and ST3ALTH15 typed 2,102 keys.
ST3ALTH15 wins by 676 keys!

Battle 318:
shadow29live vs SlasherX.
shadow29live typed 0 keys and SlasherX typed 51,105 keys.
SlasherX wins by 51,105 keys!

Battle 319:
iGark vs Inquisitor911 .
iGark typed 124,019 keys and Inquisitor911 typed 60,000 keys.
iGark wins by 64,019 keys!

Friendly matches
Battle V:
Yotoovimestari vs Mysterymason.
Yotoovimestari typed 401,825 keys and Mysterymason typed 57,402 keys.
Yotoovimestari wins by 344,423 keys!

Battle VI:
SilentSand vs Microgamer2.
SilentSand typed 192,973 and Microgamer2 typed 180,841 keys.
SilentSand wins by 12,132 keys!

Round Twenty-one's battles (21–28 May)
May is coming to an end and so is the H2H. These are the last few decisive rounds of the Head to Head battles!
Primera Division
Battle 320:
WiiPlayer113 vs Live2Die.

Battle 321:
Vegard20 vs Badgy_McBadger.

Battle 322:
09Kisame09 vs Sellyme.

Battle 323:
no one (bye) vs Ducklette.

Battle 324:
hippyman27 vs JaumeBG.

Battle 325:
IAmTheCandyman vs HappyAlcoholic.

Battle 326:
Carbon vs videogames518.

Battle 327:
Hokage4354 vs Cryptosporidian.

Segunda Division
Battle 328:
iGark vs Sheepie XD.

Battle 329:
tetrismaster vs Kranix.

Battle 330:
Glomple vs ST3ALTH15.

Battle 331:
gta0004 vs Sheepie XD.

Battle 332:
Darkir vs King_Matt.

Battle 333:
EliwoodX vs Inquisitor911 .

Battle 334:
BobTehPoner vs SlasherX.

Battle 335:
Cj10203040 vs Jazzaboy.

Friendly matches
Battle VII:
Mysterymason vs SilentSand.

Battle VIII:
Microgamer2 vs Yotoovimestari.

League standings (21 May)
Not many changes this week in important positions except Kranix no longer being in the top four as he was passed by Cj.
Primera Division

Segunda Division

Friendly matches

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