18 September 2011

New Poll!

Well, the previous polls have been closed for a while now, and to celebrate our new blog design (and far easier to read poll interface), I shall be updating the polls for another quizzical delight! But first, here are the last month's results for prosperity.

And before our eagle-eyed readers point it out, we're aware that they add up to 98% and 99% respectively, but blame Blogspot for that.

Our new poll is devised purely for pissing off the administrating team of WhatPulse, because I'm a mean bastard like that. Make your vote on the right-hand side of this post!

When do you think WhatPulse 2.0 will be released?
A.) The start of summer (Southern Hemisphere)
B.) The start of summer (Northern Hemisphere)
C.) Some time after the rapture
D.) The third blue moon of Smarch.
E.) Tuesday.

I was debating adding a "F.) Twice as far away as your guess", but that would just make the Universe run out of memory.

1 comment:

  1. Mission Accomplished Selly, I know I've already told you but you're an asshole :o) At least coming from this WhatPulse Administrator :P