03 September 2011

News update: Departures and Arrivals.

Okay, I could write an essay about this first part, but that's really not necessary. Long story short, Jaume is leaving Kongpulse. And when I say "leaving", I mean he's left. This is due to some personal issues in his life I'm not at liberty to divulge, so, sorry to leave you hanging, but I'm sure he'd prefer to tell people himself if he wanted to.

Hopefully he'll come back eventually, but for now we'll just have to deal with it.

On a less sombre note, we have a few new writers. We've already introduced Mysterymason and SlateFx as temporary stand-in writers, but today Mysterymason has graduated to a full writer and will be taking over H2H. This unfortunately means H2H may be delayed by up to an hour from normal times, but the normal results will still stand. Fortunately, due to time-zones, this will not affect most of you, but to those it does, we're sorry. We'll try to streamline the process to fix this problem.

On a stats note, we shall be starting the new Head to Head clicks (Under the rebranded name "H3H", no, we have no idea what it means either) this Tuesday! Please notify Sellyme either in the thread or via PM, even if you've already signed up previously, we want to double-check everything.

H3H will run on a vastly different process to what H2H currently does. It will be a mostly experimental thing until Christmas, and will be all on all. This means there are no battles, but instead, a high score table. We believe that this will allow for a wide array of statistics that you haven't seen before, and will provide a change of scenery for those accustomed to the current H2H system.

Kongpulse has suffered a pretty major setback with Jaume's abrupt departure, but this is NOT going to slow us down or stop us. Hell, I know the other writers will kill me for this, but I'm planning on us updating 5 times a week from now on. Enjoy!

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