14 January 2012

Head to Head battles League: Round 2

Round 1 (7–14 January)
So here are the results of the first round of this season's Head to Head battles League. We weren't able to admit anyone else in the H2H, even though we had two users ask to join in afterwards. Sorry about that, but having two users with one battle less each would be unjust and it might make us have to allow further users to join in in later rounds. Anyhow, the results, here they are.
Primera Division
Battle 1087:
Mysterymason vs SlateFx.
Mysterymason typed 1,700 keys and SlateFx typed 236 keys.
Mysterymason wins by 1,464 keys!

Battle 1088:
WiiPlayer113 vs Sellyme.
WiiPlayer113 typed 1,248 keys and Sellyme typed 4,794,968 keys.
Sellyme wins by 4,793,720 keys!

Battle 1089:
SilentSand vs Sindacious.
SilentSand typed 15,157 keys and Sindacious typed 192,693 keys.
Sindacious wins by 177,536 keys!

Battle 1090:
Johanna_T vs Carbon.
Johanna_T typed 49,100 keys and Carbon typed 63,694 keys.
Carbon wins by 14,594 keys!

Battle 1091:
Jaume vs Badgy_McBadger.
Jaume typed 28,771 keys and Badgy_McBadger typed 0 keys.
Jaume wins by 28,771 keys!

Battle 1092:
Cj10203040 vs Kranix.
Cj10203040 typed 20,351 keys and Kranix typed 41,454 keys.
Kranix wins by 21,103 keys!

Battle 1093:
AdeebNafees vs Inquisitor911.
AdeebNafees typed 214,633 keys and Inquisitor911 typed 63,341 keys.
AdeebNafees wins by 151,292 keys!

Battle 1094:
aaaaaa123456789 vs hippyman27.
aaaaaa123456789 typed 376,037 keys and hippyman27 typed 125,049 keys.
aaaaaa123456789 wins by 250,988 keys!

Battle 1095:
09Kisame09 vs hilaryam89
09Kisame09 typed 274,693 keys and hilaryam89 typed 17,104 keys.
09Kisame09 wins by 257,589 keys!

Segunda Division
Battle 1096:
MelbourneBoy vs RoSi_xD.
MelbourneBoy typed 206,118 keys and RoSi_xD typed 60,000 keys.
MelbourneBoy wins by 146,118 keys!

Battle 1097:
Darkir vs michael222.
Darkir typed 15,000 keys and michael222 typed 0 keys.
Darkir wins by 15,000 keys!

Battle 1098:
Debron vs MicroGamer15.
Debron typed 56,400 keys and MicroGamer15 typed 0 keys.
Debron wins by 56,400 keys!

Battle 1099:
oOTrentOo vs GHXpert59.
oOTrentOo typed 109,410 keys and GHXpert59 typed 140,000 keys.
GHXpert59 wins by 30,590 keys!

Battle 1100:
ouchjars vs Glomple.
ouchjars typed 133,533 keys and Glomple typed 50,000 keys.
ouchjars win by 83,533 keys!

Battle 1101:
gta0004 vs PinkFloyd.
gta0004 typed 33,800 keys and PinkFloyd typed 0 keys.
gta0004 wins by 33,800 keys!

Battle 1102:
Jazzaboy vs racefan12.
Jazzaboy typed 0 keys and racefan12 typed 52,221 keys.
racefan12 wins by 52,221 keys!

Battle 1103:
TheLurkerMan vs X-Kal .
TheLurkerMan typed 0 keys and X-Kal typed 31,029 keys.
X-Kal wins by 31,029 keys!

Battle 1104:
wasted vs VforVendetta.
wasted typed 32,729 keys and VforVendetta typed 27,838 keys.
wasted wins by 4,891 keys!

Interdivision Battle
Battle 1105:
ExplodingPonyToast vs ajhgfa.
ExplodingPonyToast typed 172,439 keys and ajhgfa typed 127,055 keys.
ExplodingPonyToast wins by 45,384 keys!

Round 2's battles (14–21 January)
This week the following battles shall be played. I don't yet have all the battles and the draw done, but at some point I will have and then a whole schedule of the season will be available for everyone to see.
Primera Division
Battle 1106:
WiiPlayer113 vs aaaaaa123456789.

Battle 1107:
ExplodingPonyToast vs 09Kisame09.

Battle 1108:
AdeebNafees vs SlateFx.

Battle 1109:
Badgy_McBadger vs Sindacious.

Battle 1110:
Carbon vs SilentSand.

Battle 1111:
hilaryam89 vs Mysterymason.

Battle 1112:
Sellyme vs Cj10203040.

Battle 1113:
hippyman27 vs Kranix.

Battle 1114:
Johanna_T vs Inquisitor911.

Segunda Division
Battle 1115:
ajhgfa vs Debron.

Battle 1116:
X-Kal vs GHXpert59.

Battle 1117:
wasted vs Glomple.

Battle 1118:
gta0004 vs VforVendetta.

Battle 1119:
TheLurkerMan vs Jazzaboy.

Battle 1120:
racefan12 vs MelbourneBoy.

Battle 1121:
RoSi_xD vs michael222.

Battle 1122:
MicroGamer15 vs PinkFloyd.

Battle 1123:
oOTrentOo vs ouchjars.

Interdivision Battle
Battle 1124:
Jaume vs Darkir.

League standings (14 January)
Here are the league standings after this first week of the Head to Head battles. By the way, this round the "Dif" (difference of ranks between the previous round and this round) was not done because the change in rank is not applicable or would be the change in rank between last round, which was in alphabetical order, so that wouldn't make too much sense.
Primera Division

Segunda Division

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