30 January 2012

H2H Cup Jan-Jun 2012: Qualifying Results

So there were 39 people trying to qualify for the 32 slots in the H2H Cup tournament. These 39 people are everyone in the H2H League battles, plus Tempalt3.

Of the 39 potential qualifiers, 8 did not pulse during the one-week qualifying span. These 8 people are:









Of course, that only leaves 31 people for a 32-person tournament. Because of this, I decided to let in WiiPlayer113 as the 32nd and final player. Wii is one of the most active typers on the team, and I can only imagine that his failure to pulse in the past week was a fluke. Besides, this should make for a very exciting first round matchup between #1 seed aaaaaa123456789 and Wii.

The Challonge! bracket below shows the seeding for the tournament.

The first round of the H2H Cup is now underway (actually, it started nearly 2 days ago now). It will end on Saturday, February 18 at 7:30 AM GMT (which is the same time that the H2H League battles end).

Good luck to all the tournament competitors!

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