04 May 2010

User of the week #7: JaumeBG

Now this will be a fun one!

Q: How did you think up your name?
A: It’s basically my real life name. My name is Jaume B. G. in real life, so I didn’t put much imagination into that. And in WhatPulse, I tried to put in “JaumeBG”, but it didn’t let me so I added that smiley face, :).

Q: What’s it like working on the blog with notverygood and sellyme?
A: It’s fun, they’re both cool people. It’s an awesome blog.

Q: Do you enjoy it and/or does it feel like work?
A: I enjoy it, but I don’t know why I enjoy it… It’s fun to do because I like stats a lot and if I’m tired of doing it when I’m halfway I just think that I should do it for the keys, haha.

Q: Who do you think is your main opposition in the Whatpulse standings?
A: It used to be Matoking as we were always more or less at the same rank, but I overtook him a while ago and I now have no opposition, I’m not very good at pulsing so a lot of user overtake me in no time… :(

Q: Why are you awesome?
A: I’m just your average Kongregate user, not much particular about me. :P But maybe I’m awesome because I speak three languages fluently.

Q: Apart from you, who do you think is the best Kong WP user?
A: I must say sellyme (ED: <3), Darkruler2005 and Sinapi. Sellyme pulses frequently and he pulses a lot too, he’s also a very nice user! But Darkruler and Sinapi both pulse a lot and they’re very good in getting keys, so as WhatPulse users, they’re very good.

Q: What is your main WP goal?
A: Reach the top 50 to get into those weekly top 50 stats! Even though I can’t even get to the top 100… :/

Q: Why and when did you join WP?
A: In December 2009, and basically because I was seeing that “Kongregate Team @ WhatPulse” thread every day so I decided to check the thread to see what it was all about and I don’t regret it, WhatPulse is an awesome tool and it’s got a nice community in the Kongregate team too. :D

Q: Spain will lose the World Cup.
A: I could talk for hours about football and the World Cup, but I must say Spain has a solid chance of winning the World Cup this year. Great goalkeepers, great defense, good midfielders and very good stikers. We’re one of the only countries who are as good as we are and we have never won a World Cup, along with The Netherlands. Brazil have a high chance of winning too, but I hope they don’t win, if they do they’ll have won 6 times (and I’m sure they’ll win in 2014)! The final will be Spain vs Brazil, and we shall beat them 2-0! (ED: Get real. Australia shall prevail!)

Q: Any tips?

A: I don’t know, just keep typing (and clicking) and play one of those games that require you to spam keys. Chat with your best friends all the time on Kongregate and MSN and write emails (through it’s not very effective for me, it might be for you!)

Great interview, selly! :D (ED: Double <3)

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