23 May 2010

Key Spamming your way Into the Top 25: An Experiment

So Jaume and I were talking the other day and he suggested a new piece for the blog - an article on a super awesome game that gives you lots of super awesome keys. And now, here I am. Writing just that, with lots of credit going to Jaume for thinking up this wonderful idea. And actually having the balls to suggest it.
I give you...

Remnants of Skystone
Haha, no.
Platformer MMO set in a Steampunk world. 2D side-scrolling action in single-player and co-op featuring three classes, each with their own move sets and abilities. Complete over 100 Missions and Quests in single-player, and team up with other players for Co-op Trailblazing with 3 new maps each week! Each player also receives housing called Floats, which you can decorate with spoils from quests or with items purchased in town. New quests and content added weekly!

So where does the awesome key spamming come in?
The controls.
Everything in the game can be navigated using the directional keys and hotkeys - A and S for movement and attack, P, I, Q, M, T, K, F, O and H for various menus.
Not only that, the loading! Key spam the controls over and over whenever the game is loading something and you will easily get thousands and thousands of keys and before you know it, you've got five million keys. A few weeks after that and.. what's this? TOP 25!

So why play the game?
Because it's f***ing awesome.
Smookyolo, Hemer and totally everybody else quotes the exact same thing;
"I would die of boredom without RoS to comfort me in my mom's basement."
Ask them.

Again, I must totally credit JaumeBG for this kickass idea.

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