09 October 2010

Polling Results

The previous question was "What do you like about this blog?"

The results are in, and with a total of 39 voters, here they are:

The statistics: 34/39 voters, a winnar is you. 87% of the voters liked our stats
Uhmm, I don't even know why I'm here... I don't know, and a quarter of the people don't know either... 10/39, or 25%, are unsure people.
The frequency of blog updates: only 8/39, I guess we need to update more often, to please you people. or get it to auto-update. Whichever requires less work... :P

Its writers: I love like you too. All 7 of you ;)
Those applications at the bottom of the blog: You fell for the trap! There are no apps at the bottom of the blog (except that calender I added, after the poll finished) Thankfully, only 3 people fell for it. You know who you are :P

NOTE: this was a multiply choice question, so the total results wont add up to 39 exactl.

The next poll question is:

How ..... would you .... a ... ....?
First person to correctly fill in the blanks get a virtual cookie. The timer has started. You have unknown time left. Post in the whatpulse thread with the answer, or pm me.

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