08 October 2010

Tetris' Team Stats Tetra

In the 9 days, since I did this last, the team ranks have been fluctuating, and we have gone down again. More on that later :\

35th: Deltaanime: 1,058,497,533 keys from 103 members. Thats an average of a million keys a member. Not bad. Has gone down a rank though...

36th: devPULSE: with their total now at 1,040,312,048 keys, they have gained a rank to spot #36. Just ahead of us. About 16.5 million to be exact.

37th: Kongregate: has lost another large chunk of keys, right down to 1,023,857,113. Lost some members too, down to 355. Back to #37 again. Hopefully we can move up soon, and stay up.

38th: ElOtroLado.net: with 1,000,670,652 keys, they are currently the lowest ranked team to have over 1 billion keys. Still hasn't moved up, or down either, since I started doing these stats on the 18th Sept.

39th: Burger-Ping: 980,049,843 keys from 75 members is pretty good going by any standards.

On a side note, just after I got Burger-Ping's keys, Whatpulse went down. Luckily I made it in time :P

About the title: tetra is the greek equivalent to the latin quad
tetrapod. quadrilateral

*All values and numbers outlined here are subject to change, and may become inaccurate less than 3 seconds after this is posted.*

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