05 March 2011

Head to Head battles League: Round Ten

Round Nine's battles (26 February–5 March)
Round Nine ends today with the following results. Some people seem to have stopped using WhatPulse. :(
Primera Division
Battle 128:
Cryptosporidian vs 09Kisame09.
Cryptosporidian typed 0 keys and 09Kisame09 typed 200,000 keys.
09Kisame09 wins by 200,000 keys!

Battle 129:
Live2Die vs Carbon.
Live2Die typed 85,714 keys and Carbon typed 110,000 keys.
Carbon wins by 24,286 keys!

Battle 130:
Badgy_McBadger vs Ducklette.
Badgy_McBadger typed 19,296 keys and Ducklette typed 140,913 keys.
Ducklette wins by 121,617 keys!

Battle 131:
hippyman27 vs PhoenixW.
hippyman27 typed 160,202 keys and PhoenixW typed 10,029 keys.
hippyman27 wins by 150,173 keys!

Battle 132:
JaumeBG vs Sellyme.
JaumeBG typed 143,191 keys and Sellyme typed 0 keys.
JaumeBG wins by 143,191 keys!

Battle 133:
Vegard20 vs HappyAlcoholic.
Vegard20 typed 125,553 keys and HappyAlcoholic typed 0 keys.
Vegard20 wins by 125,553 keys!

Battle 134:
videogames518 vs Hokage4354.
videogames518 typed 0 keys and Hokage4354 typed 0 keys.
Yep, another draw...

Battle 135:
IAmTheCandyman vs WiiPlayer113.
IAmTheCandyman typed 0 keys and WiiPlayer113 typed 0 keys.
JaumeBG facepalms.

Segunda Division
Battle 136:
Glomple vs Inquisitor911.
Glomple typed 35,000 keys and Inquisitor911 typed 142,795 keys.
Inquisitor911 wins by 107,795 keys!

Battle 137:
Jazzaboy vs EliwoodX.
Jazzaboy typed 75,713 keys and EliwoodX typed 0 keys.
Jazzaboy wins by 75,713 keys!

Battle 138:
King_Matt vs gta0004.
King_Matt typed 0 keys and gta0004 typed 84,785 keys.
gta0004 wins by 84,785 keys!

Battle 139:
BobTehPoner vs Kranix.
BobTehPoner typed 0 keys and Kranix typed 21,605 keys.
Kranix wins by 21,605 keys!

Battle 140:
Cj10203040 vs shadow29live.
Cj10203040 typed 41,490 keys and shadow29live typed 0 keys.
Cj10203040 wins by 41,490 keys!

Battle 141:
Sheepie XD vs Darkir.
Sheepie XD typed 80,905 keys and Darkir typed 60,000 keys.
Sheepie XD wins by 20,905 keys!

Battle 142:
iGark vs ST3ALTH15.
iGark typed 160,658 keys and ST3ALTH15 typed 0 keys.
iGark wins by 160,658 keys!

Battle 143:
tetrismaster vs SlasherX.
tetrismaster typed 24,848 keys and SlasherX typed 0 keys.
tetrismaster wins by 24,848 keys!

Round Ten's battles (5–12 March)
The tenth round of this season's Head to Head battles begins; only fifteen more to go! Hopefully we'll get some more updates done this week.
Primera Division
Battle 144:
WiiPlayer113 vs PhoenixW.

Battle 145:
videogames518 vs IAmTheCandyman.

Battle 146:
Vegard20 vs JaumeBG.

Battle 147:
Sellyme vs Live2Die.

Battle 148:
09Kisame09 vs hippyman27.

Battle 149:
HappyAlcoholic vs Cryptosporidian.

Battle 150:
Carbon vs Ducklette.

Battle 151:
Badgy_McBadger vs Hokage4354.

Segunda Division
Battle 152:
Glomple vs EliwoodX.

Battle 153:
BobTehPoner vs gta0004.

Battle 154:
Darkir vs Inquisitor911.

Battle 155:
King_Matt vs Kranix.

Battle 156:
Jazzaboy vs shadow29live.

Battle 157:
Cj10203040 vs Sheepie XD.

Battle 158:
ST3ALTH15 vs SlasherX.

Battle 159:
iGark vs tetrismaster.

League standings (5 March)
Here are the standings after Round Nine's results. Now in the Primera Kisame and Jaume are first in points, while in the Segunda, Jazza claims the first position again.
Primera Division

Segunda Division

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