06 August 2011

Head to Head Cup: Round 1 results!

Well, here's your shiny Challonge bracket.

Remember, click the image for a better resolution copy!

And because I really enjoy predictions, here's the leaderboard for that

1. Sellyme (13)
1. Cj10203040 (13)
1. JaumeBG (13)
4. WiiPlayer113 (12)
5. Jazza (11) [Maximum of 63]
6. MicroGamer15 (11) [Maximum of 58]
7. gta0004 (10)
8. michael222 (7)

(Due to Blogger being completely fucking retarded and crashing just as I put in the final image for this post, there is no list of battles and results. For some reason Blogger has been malfunctioning for me all day, and apparently hasn't auto-saved either. If anyone actually cares enough, say so in the thread, and I'll re-add tomorrow, but I'm not spending ANOTHER two hours on this today.)

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