21 August 2011

User of the Week #16: Mysterymason

How did you think of your name?
I thought of my name when I was about 8 years old and it has a MEGA back story that I won’t go into unless asked. Let’s just say it involved a club that was started in Year 3 and only ended in Year 6, when we all came to our senses.

Who is your biggest WhatPulse rival?
My biggest WhatPulse rival is probably SlateFx, we are twins and always trying to get more keys than each other each week.

What make you awesome?
Not much, really. I suppose some awesomeness comes out of the fact that I’m best at maths in my Year at school, but I’m not celebrating that TOO much because I live in England, and Selly keeps going on about how us kids here have the most miserable and undesirable upbringing in the whole of the developed world. Still, I think it’s pretty great.

What is your WhatPulse goal?
My WhatPulse goal is to hit over 10,000,000 keys, to get into the Primera Division, and finally, my unrealistic goal, is to get more keys than Selly. :P

What made you register on Whatpulse, and start counting those keys?
I registered due to Selly asking me to when I first joined Kongpulse IRC chat because he linked to it on a FGF game he made.

Any tips for people not as awesome as you?
I would say, if you want to know more about a certain subject then look it up at home! Don’t wait to go to school to learn about it, because chances are the pace and learning style will not be perfectly suited for you. I have learned more maths at home in the last few weeks than the last year at school.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
I would say Chuck Norris, but from fear of a particularly deadly dose of roundhouse kicking, I won’t. What I will say, is that it doesn’t matter how much wood a Wood Chuck could chuck if a Wood Chuck could chuck wood. What matters is that if they could, we could employ them to do laborious wood chucking 24/7, thus boosting the economy tenfold.

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