16 April 2012

H2H Cup Quarterfinal Results

The quarterfinal round featured the closest matchup to date, with wasted defeating ajhgfa by fewer than 9000 keys. In addition, the #2 seed Mysterymason lost.

Here is how the bracket currently stands, heading into the semifinals:

Semifinal matchups will begin this Saturday, April 21, at 8:30 AM WhatPulse time (6:30 AM GMT, 2:30 AM EDT) and end Saturday, May 12, at the same time.

As far as predictions are concerned, no one can earn any more points from their predictions (all of the upsets had a lot to do with that). Sellyme is officially the prediction winner, with a total of 22 points. Jaume is 2nd with 18 points, and I finish third with 13 points.

Good luck to the semifinalists: ExplodingPonyToast, VforVendetta, X-Kal, and wasted!


  1. Yay, I am pumped to be in the semis. There is NO way I thought I would get that far. Can't see myself beating VforVendetta though considering I'll be away from my computer a lot in the next few weeks, but it'll still be interesting I suppose. :D Thanks for continuing with this one racefan12, even after everything else seems to have gone to the dogs. ^_^

    1. There really should be some sort of a notification when comments are made >.>

      Anyway, you're welcome.

    2. I have email notifications of them, so it's obviously possible somehow.

  2. Hey, at least I won something in the Cup!