14 May 2012

Head to Head Battles: Round 5 Results

Whee results~

Round 5's battles results (6 May - 13 May)
Here you have this week's battles; good luck.
Primera Division
Battle 1182:
aaaaaa123456798 typed 691,757 keys, and SlateFx clearly didn't get the memo that H2H was back, as he didn't pulse.
aaaaaa123456789 wins by default.

Battle 1183:
Neither user pulsed. This saddens me.

Battle 1184:
SilentSand typed 115,860 keys, and Badgy still hasn't pulsed this year.
SilentSand gets the points.

Battle 1185:
 Sindacious vs  Carbon.
Sindacious typed 238,471 keys and Carbon typed 37,207 keys.
Sindacious wins by 201,264 keys.

Battle 1186:
Mysterymason pulsed 20,727 keys, and Cj pulsed zilch.
Mysterymaon got lucky.

Battle 1187:
Both of us are idiots and didn't pulse for varying reasons, so it's a draw.

Battle 1188:
Saltspork typed 0 keys (bit still actually pulsed), and Inquisitor typed 165,196 keys.
(If you can't work out who won this, go back to primary school)

Battle 1189:
hippyman27 and Johanna_T are both being antagonistical by not pulsing.

Battle 1190:
 Jaume vs  Kranix.
Jaume pulsed 38,591 keys, and Kranix needs to reinstall WhatPulse.
Jaume wins

Segunda Division
Battle 1191:
 ajhgfa vs  gta0004.
ajhgfa pressed ASKL 198,415 times, and gta0004 typed 21,481 keys.
ajhgfa wins by 67 play-throughs of Vertex BETA

Battle 1192:
 Darkir vs  Jazzaboy.
Darkir typed a nice round 20,000 keys, and Jazza neglected to pulse, despite me nagging him on Skype.
Darkir wins.

Battle 1193:
 Debron vs  MelbourneBoy.
Debron typed 117,084 keys, and MelbourneBoy typed 604.
Debron wins by 116 thousand keys plus some inconsistent comma usage.

Battle 1194:
You guys need to pulse.

Battle 1195:
V sent in 85,000, and Cocoa was too busy thinking that my friends were stupid enough to believe her bullshit to pulse. (They aren't. Skype was hilarious tonight.)
V wins.

Battle 1196:
 racefan12 vs  oOTrentOo.
racefan pulsed 29,440 keys, while oOTrentOo typed 19,834 keys.
racefan wins by 9,606 keys.

Battle 1197:
 RoSi_xD vs  ouchjars.
Rosi typed 16,384 keys (!), and ouchjars is a communist didn't pulse.
Rosi wins!

Battle 1198:
Y'know, for two people who frequent IRC chats about WhatPulse, these guys don't pulse often.

Battle 1199:
 wasted  vs  X-Kal .
Our almighty overlord got 169,184 keys, while his Norwegian bane got a clean 88,000.
wasted wins by 81,184 keys.

Interdivision Battle
Battle 1200:
 09Kisame09 vs  Glomple.
Glomple wins with a paltry 10k keys. See guys, this is what happens if you don't pulse!

From now on, league standings will be made in a separate post on Tuesday nights so we can get H2H posts out to you earlier. Furthermore, the next round's draw will not be released so that you can't "cheat" by checking on your opponent. It will be a surprise.

This is just a test of the new system, if you guys really don't like it we'll go back to the old one. I think it'll introduce some intrigue into the matches.

(But yes, we've got opponents for you all in our Excel spreadsheet, you're just not allowed to see them :P)


  1. You got a team working on this, or do you just like referring to yourself as "we"? :P

    On a serious note, I hope your friend is OK.


      And yeah, it was just a rumour. I'm glad I was able to calm things down before everyone started running around screaming about it, because at no point did we have any solid proof of it.

  2. Ok... it's super hard to compete when we don't know who we're competing against. :(

    Are we pausing for this week, then? And restarting next?

  3. Ok -- I'll drop out, now. It's just no fun if you can't see who it is you're typing against for a given week. Also... the battles don't seem to be happening at all... :(

    1. http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1/topics/4071?page=452#posts-5758592