13 May 2012

H2H Cup Semifinal Results

Just one round to go in this edition of the H2H Cup, and just one matchup left to determine the winner!  Who will win the H2H Cup this time?  Will it be ExplodingPonyToast, or will it be wasted?  Get ready for what is sure to be an exciting final!  As usual, the final will begin this Saturday (May 19) at 8:30 AM WhatPulse time (6:30 AM GMT, 2:30 AM EDT), and it will end on Saturday, June 9, at the same time--at which time, a winner will be crowned!

And one more time, here is how the bracket looks:

Good luck to both of the remaining competitors, and may the best KongPulser win!


  1. What?!? No bronze match this time?!? :p

    1. I kinda forgot to add it to the bracket, and now I can't, but pretend there is.