28 April 2010

User of the Week 6: HappyAlcoholic

Okay, turns out this UoTW is actually HappyAlcoholic, not JaumeBG, due to communication issues. JaumeBG will be next week. Anyway, here you go!

Q: How did you think up your name?
A: I’m a happy person, and I was drinking a lot at the time.

Q: Pulse more.
A: no u

Q: Who do you think is your main opposition in the Whatpulse standings?
A: The Juggernaut, bitch!

Q: Why are you awesome?
A: Because yes.

Q: Apart from you, who do you think is the best Kong WP user?
A: Whoever’s at the top. (Can’t be bothered checking)

Q: What is your main WP goal?
A: To get lots of key clicks?

Q: Why and when did you join WP?
A: November of 2,oo9, I think. And because I wanted to help Kongregate’s team.

Q: Incest or Wincest?
A: Both.

Q: Any tips?
A: On… incest? I dunno. Have a hot sister like I do?


That is the worst interview I've ever seen, and I interviewed shadow29live :P

Anyway, the schedule

UoTW 7: JaumeBG
UoTW 8: IAmTheCandyman
UoTW 9: Glomple
UoTW 10: ???????

Guess who the tenth user is to recieve a prize!

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