06 April 2010

User of the Week #5: shadow29live

Our interview this week is with a real life friend of mine: shadow29live! Now since he stabbed me (twice!) I'm going to make fun of everything he says. All text not in bold is unedited, he's just really that stupid.

Q: How did you think up your name?

A: I didn’t think up my username i just used the one i
use for everything, which is also my email. [ED:Where did you get the your e-mail address from?]

Q: Why do your pulses vary so much (i.e. from 2k in
a day to 40k)

A: My pulses vary because I pulse 1 day and next
time i might not pulse for 5 day[ED: *facepalm*]

Q: Who do you think is your main opposition in the
Whatpulse standings?

A:whoever is right in front of me on the standing and
my friends who also use WP [ED: Thanks Capt. Obvious]
Q: Why are you awesome?

A: I admit I am not awesome but i want to see the
look on peoples faces when I pass them [ED: That's good enough for me!]

Q: Apart from you, who do you think is the best Kong WP user?

A: As i said before im not a good WP user but I think
whoever is in the lead is the best WP user [ED: Once again, I am astounded by your deep insights into life]

Q: What is your main WP goal?

A: To overtake the writer of this blog [ED: You shall perish slowly and painfully]

Q: Why and when did you join WP?

A: I joined WP to 1)count my clicks and keys and 2)
because friends gave me the idea. I cant remember
when i joined you might want to look at my profile

Q: What does the scouter say about his power

A: sorry I dont know what you mean

Q: Any tips?

A:Just keep typing [ED: *sigh*... I give up.]


  1. Good interview, funny at some times. I rate it 4/5.

    Also, what does "ED" stand for?

  2. OMG. That guy is, liek fail.

    ED = Editor's something or other.