13 August 2010

Head to head battles: Week Twenty

We sometimes forget to update the blog... But we never forget about the Head to Head battles!

Week Nineteen's battles (6 - 13 August)
Here are the results of last week's six battles.
Battle 84:
Jaume vs Glomple.
Jaume typed 75,000 keys and Glomple typed 25,000 keys.
Jaume won by 50,000 keys!

Battle 85:
gab rid vs viper11475.
gab rid typed 164,997 keys and viper11475 typed 139,588 keys.
gab rid won by 25,409 keys!

Battle 86:
JetLagX vs WiiPlayer113.
JetLagX typed 327,877 keys and WiiPlayer113 typed 508,305 keys.
WiiPlayer113 won by 180,428 keys!

Battle 87:
VG vs Cj10203040.
VG typed 85,000 keys and Cj10203040 typed 0 keys.
VG won by 85,000 keys!

Battle 88:
Smookyolo :D vs sellyme.
Smookyolo :D typed 273,418 keys and sellyme typed 380,000 keys.
sellyme won by 106,582 keys!

Battle 89:
Jazzaboy vs notverygood.
Jazzaboy typed 83,861 keys and notvetygood typed 361,188 keys.
notverygood won by 277,327 keys!

Week Twenty's battles (13 - 20 August)
This week we've got seven battles. Thanks for participating everyone, and start typing! Sorry for any repeated matches; not many players so there has to be repeats!
Battle 90:
Jazzaboy vs Sheepie XD.

Battle 91:
Cj10203040 vs Jaume.

Battle 92:
WiiPlayer113 vs sellyme.

Battle 93:
ArchSlayer100 vs Soop.

Battle 94:
Glomple vs Smookyolo :D.

Battle 95:
JetLagX vs viper11475.

Battle 96:
gab rid vs notverygood.

Oh and, don't forget that if you want to battle against specifically (example: "I want to fight against tetrismaster!"), then just say so in the WhatPulse thread and if they agree (example: "Hmm, ok then, let's fight, Jaume!") to go against you, you'll both do so in the following Head to Head battle.

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