20 August 2010

Interteam Battles

The Interteam Battles ("inter" meaning "between") will soon come to Kongpulse! The Interteam Battles will be battles between Kongregate and another team (note that it's team Kongregate, not any other Kongregate-related team). Each team will choose five battlers and they'll type and pulse keys. The team with the highest amount of keys in one week, wins.

We've contacted the leader of Kongregate Elite, Sinapi, about this, but she says that they'll do this when they've got a decent amount of players or something. So, I've whispered selly about whispering the leader of Ninja Chat, we might do that and if they accept we'll do the first battle of the Interteam Battles. If they don't reply or accept, we'll challenge another WhatPulse team and hopefully someone shall accept and we'll try our best to win.

So, yeah, that's the basic explanation of what the Interteam Battles will be and if you're reading this and, by coincidence, you're the leader of a WhatPulse team and you thinks this sounds cool, whisper me or whisper sellyme.

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