29 January 2011

Guest Interview: Carbon

Today I was lucky enough to get an interview with Carbon, a very well known name in the Whatpulse forums and chat. Here's what happened.

Q: So what's it like being the famous Carbon? :P
A: I hope you're not serious.

Q: Where'd you get your name?
A: From an old administration job. This is the third form of an old handle from about six years ago. My name was shortened to "Carbon" by the rest of the staff, it just stuck.

Q: Why and when did you join Whatpulse?
A: I joined WhatPulse back in July of 2009. I joined because I thought the idea of keeping computer usage statistics would be interesting. Personally, I have a thing for statistics, so I couldn't resist something like this.

Q: Why do you hang out on #Pulse so often?
A: I figured it would be a way to meet other users of the project, and maybe make a few new friends.

Q: Why are you awesome?
A: I don't consider myself to be anything that great. Hmm. I'm not really sure, to be honest. That's something you'd have to ask others.

Q: Apart from you, who do you think is the best WP user?
A: I don't think there is one. I'm not one who deals in favouriting others.

Q: What is your main WP goal?
A: Hmm. Well, part of me does have a goal of becoming staff on the WhatPulse project. As for reaching a certain milestone in statistics, I don't have one.

Q: Any tips on getting those sought-after keys?
A: Don't think about it. Keep it as something that runs in the background, out of sight. Set the program to auto-pulse. Just do what you'd normally do. If you're pushing yourself to something, it may have a negitive effect. I'd say it's better to just do things normally, and be able to see your progress.


A: Mature. I still get laid more than you.


  1. Some answers to some questions are pretty lame.

  2. this guy "carbon" seems pretty lame