04 January 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you want to get more keys, be more efficient on a computer or just like learning, keyboard shortcuts can help you achieve those desires

Combo Keys:
Keys that are linked with command keys like control (ctrl) or shift form a lot of shortcuts, which you can utilize.
  • Copy (Ctrl + C) Copies what you have highlighted. Useful for copying text, and quick saving a post should an error occur (so you don't have to type it out again) 
  • Cut (Ctrl + X) Takes the highlighted text out, so you can paste it elsewhere. Useful for moving text and files
  • Paste (Ctrl + V) Pastes text that has been copied or cut. Besied copy and cut on a QWERTY keyboard.
  • Undo (Ctrl + Z) Reverses the last thing you did. Useful for quickly fixing mistakes in paint
  • Redo (Ctrl + Y) If you pressed undo by accident, it will undo your undo easily.
  • Select All (Ctrl + A) Selects all of whatever is around the mouse pointer. Useful for selecting and copying a paragraph
  • Close Tabs (Ctrl + W) Closes the current tab you are in. Useful for closing pop ups quickly
  • Ctrl + A + C = Select and copy a large body of text
  • Ctrl + Z +  A + C = If you delete text by accident, it will recover it, and save it incase you delete it again
  • Ctrl + Click = Open a link in a new tab quickly
Single keys you can press whilst typing that do the same function as a mouse click, but can be done faster
  • Enter - When loging in to you account, if you press enter, it will click the login button for you
  • Tab - After filling in your account name, if you press tab, you can start typing your password straight away, instead of getting the mouse, and clicking the next box.

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