29 January 2011

New poll!

The previous poll in Kongpulse was "Did Jaume rig the sellyme vs VG match?" This was something that happened in Round One of the Head to Head battles League.


  • Yes — 5 votes (17% of the total)
  • No — 4 votes (14% of the total)
  • Maybe — 1 vote (3% of the total)
  • Where are my pants? — 18 votes (64% of the total)

The correct answer was "No", and 14% of you got it right.

By the way, I'd just like to clarify that all the match-ups from Rounds 1–25 were drawn on 8 January 2011, so don't complain if you're up against that person you dislike, as everyone is up against everyone at least once (and after Round 15, once again, maybe).

The next poll is "Who's your favourite Kongpulse writer?" The options are (in alphabetical order):
  • JaumeBG
  • Jazzaboy
  • Sellyme
  • tetrismaster
  • videogames518

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