04 January 2011

*Random Stats Appeared*

Another update! I must have nothing to do with my time :P
Since its now '11, (unless you are Chinese, and have to wait until Feb 3rd) I typed up 11 stats/facts the are irrelevant, and will soon be outdated, just for fun.
  1. So far, this year, 79 people have pulsed
  2. In the last month 194 people pulsed
  3. A total of 33 people have been inactive since '08
  4. We have 26 members with over 10 million keys stored
  5. There are a further 7 people less than a million from that mark
  6. In contrast, only 2 have over 10 million clicks
  7. There are no flags on our team (unless I missed one) that have either red, blue or white. We would need a person from Jamaca, Libya or Sri Lanka to break the trend.
  8. Only one person on the front page has not pulsed since 2008. Their latest pulse was on Christmas
  9. 204 members have reached the 1 million milestone
  10. The average keys per users is 3,227,629*
  11. The average clicks amount to 1,002,967*
*based on a team count of 380

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