31 December 2011

Head to Head battles League: Play-off for Primera

Play-off for Primera
This week we shall have the play-off between the 15th (4th last) of the July–December 2011 Primera Division and the 5th of the July–December 2011 Segunda Division! The winner of this match shall be in the January–June 2012 Primera Division! Good luck to both and happy new year! Note that VforVendetta was previously known as Live2Die; from now on we shall be referring to him as VforVendetta.
Battle 1086:
VforVendetta vs hilaryam89.

Sign-ups for next season
The sign-ups for the next season of both the Head to Head battles League and the Head to Head battles Cup are open to everyone. Right now we have 34 confirmed sign-ups and 4 unconfirmed sign-ups. If you'd like to sign up for next season you can either whisper Jaume, message me on WhatPulse, say so in the WhatPulse thread or even email Jaume at jaume@whatpulse.org! So you have until 6 January 2012 to do so. Also, if you're not sure about what the Head to Head battles exactly are, check this useful guide.

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