26 December 2011

Head to Head battles: Round 25 (results)

Round 25's battles (17–24 December) 

Primera Division
Battle 1067:
Sellyme vs Carbon.
Sellyme typed 11,736,266 keys and Carbon typed 47,734 keys.
Sellyme wins by 11,688,532 keys!

Battle 1068:
Live2Die vs aaaaaa123456789.
Live2Die typed 0 keys and aaaaaa123456789 typed 395,136 keys.
aaaaaa123456789 wins by 395,136 keys!

Battle 1069:
SilentSand vs Inquisitor911.
SilentSand typed 95,730 keys and Inquisitor911 typed 88,408 keys.
SilentSand wins by 7,322 keys!

Battle 1070:
PinkFloyd vs Badgy_McBadger.
PinkFloyd typed 0 keys and Badgy_McBadger typed 0 keys.
A draw it is!

Battle 1071:
tetrismaster vs IAmTheCandyman.
tetrismaster typed 0 keys and IAmTheCandyman typed 135,360 keys.
IAmTheCandyman wins by 135,360 keys!

Battle 1072:
Jaume vs Yotoovimestari.
Jaume typed 168,988 keys and Yotoovimestari typed 0 keys.
Jaume wins by 168,988 keys!

Battle 1073:
WiiPlayer113 vs Cj10203040.
WiiPlayer113 typed 10,618,493 keys and Cj10203040 typed 65,904 keys.
WiiPlayer wins by  10,552,589 keys!

Battle 1074:
hippyman27 vs Vegard20.
hippyman27 typed 154,479 keys and Vegard20 typed 24,029 keys.
hippyman27 wins by 130,450 keys!

Battle 1075:
09Kisame09 vs Jazzaboy.
09Kisame09 typed 0 keys and Jazzaboy typed 43,054 keys.
Jazzaboy wins by 43,054 keys!

Segunda Division
Battle 1076:
oOTrentOo vs gta0004.
oOTrentOo typed 172,026 keys and gta0004 typed 112,117 keys.
oOTrentOo wins by 59,909 keys!

Battle 1077:
Mysterymason vs Glomple.
Mysterymason typed 773,399 keys and Glomple typed 40,000 keys.
Mysterymason wins by 733,399 keys!

Battle 1078:
MelbourneBoy vs Darkir.
MelbourneBoy typed 0 keys and Darkir typed 60,000 keys.
Darkir wins by 60,000 keys!

Battle 1079:
Sindacious vs wasted .
Sindacious typed 280,099 keys and wasted typed 161,477 keys.
Sindacious wins by 118,622 keys!

Battle 1080:
SlateFx vs X-Kal .
SlateFx typed 52,111 keys and X-Kal typed 0 keys.
SlateFx wins by 52,111 keys!

Battle 1081:
iGark vs RoSi_xD.
iGark typed 0 keys and RoSi_xD typed 100,000 keys.
RoSi_xD wins by 100,000 keys!

Battle 1082:
racefan12 vs hilaryam89.
racefan12 typed 49,510 keys and hilaryam89 typed 92,882 keys.
hilaryam89 wins by 43,372 keys!

Battle 1083:
Kranix vs BlackBone.
Kranix typed 84,240 keys and BlackBone typed 0 keys.
Kranix wins by 84,240 keys!

Battle 1084:
MicroGamer15 vs elsx.
MicroGamer15 typed 69,303 keys and elsx typed 0 keys.
MicroGamer15 wins by 69,303 keys!

Battle 1085:
ouchjars vs michael222.
ouchjars typed 0 keys and michael222 typed 310,000 keys.
michael222 wins by 310,000 keys!

Break (24–31 December)
So it's a break for all of us until 31 December! Mostly for Christmas and the Christmas holidays. For most of us it'll be until 7 January, when the new season starts. If you'd like to sign up for the new season, say so in the WhatPulse thread. From 31 December 2011 to 7 January 2012 we'll have the January–June 2012 Primera Division Play-off. The play-off will be between the 15th (4th last) of Primera Division this season and the 5th of this season's Segunda Division. So that battle will be Live2Die vs hilaryam89.

League standings (end of season)
Here are the final league standings of both divisions. Congratulations to WiiPlayer, the winner of the July–December 2011 Head to Head battles League Primera Division!
Primera Division

Segunda Division

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