26 December 2011

Prize-giving ceremony for the July–December 2011 Head to Head battles League

The season reaches its end yet again. On behalf of the Kongpulse writers team, we congratulate WiiPlayer and Sindacious for winning the Primera and Segunda Divisions, respectively.

Special thanks to GHXpert59 for creating the trophies! :D

Primera Division

Congratulations, WiiPlayer! You are the winner of this season's Primera Division with 24 wins out of 25 matches (96% win rate) and 72 points. Good work! You did an amazing effort and for the following you've earned yourself this trophy:

Segunda Division

Congrats, Sindacious! You did pretty well too, with 19 wins out of 24 matches (79.17% win rate) and 58 points. Way to go! You've been promoted to the Primera Division for next season and you've earned yourself the following trophy:

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