10 June 2012

H2H Cup Jan-Jun 2012 Final Results!!!!

After nearly 5 months of competition, this edition of the H2H Cup has finally ended! ExplodingPonyToast and wasted made it an exciting competition throughout, but in the end, the final wasn't even close--ExplodingPonyToast typed more than 3 times as many keys as wasted to take the title of H2H Cup Champion for January-June 2012! Here is the final H2H Cup bracket:

And unfortunately, this looks like it might be the last post on Kongpulse for quite some time. It's sad to see, as someone who has been a fan of the blog for well over two years, and an editor for the past six months. But all good things have to end some time. Anyway, give a big congratulations to ExplodingPonyToast, and good luck in all your future WhatPulse endeavors! Even without the blog, I'm sure that the over 500(!) members of the Kongregate WhatPulse team will continue to prove that we deserve to be a Top 10 team.

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  1. Thank you for finishing this Wasted, and YAY I managed to win~ It is a shame that this blog'll probably become a ghost town, but I'll look back at the time I was able to spend in these competitions fondly. ^_^