05 August 2012

Interteam Battle upcoming

The Interteam Battles wherein Kongregate would battle in a 5 vs 5 match against another WhatPulse team have seemingly become a recurring inside joke due to the time and time again we've said they'll happen and then the other team abandons it.

Nevertheless, this time it seems like we will actually have an Interteam Battle! Our fellow gaming enthusiasts at OMGPOP are keen for some keyboard action. I, Jaume, and Jonke, the founder of their WhatPulse team, have sent each other a few messages back and forth about the possibility of an Interteam Battle between us two. Jonke's team has confirmed they'd like to do this battle possibly for next week. The time, not yet confirmed, might be next Saturday 11 August at 8 AM UTC (10 PM NZST, 6 PM EDT).

A message sent to me by Jonke caused a thrive in the Kongregate forum's WhatPulse thread, unseen for months. So far in the thread the following people are keen to be in the Interteam Battle against OMGPOP:
  1. Jaume.
  2. Sellyme.
  3. VforVendetta.
  4. MaistlinRajere

That's four so far, but I'm sure by next Saturday we can make it five (we'll probably have more than that and we'll have to choose people on the basis of their typing statistics).

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