21 December 2009

AKS2; it stole my soul. Wait, no, I sold that to a 6 year old for 2 pieces of bubblegum didn't I? Man that was long ago. And that bubblegum tasted like shit. I mean, seriously, it was like plastic for crying out loud. Last time I ate something like that was when my brother cooked fish fingers. They were all stringy. That was probably 10 years ago too. Ah, the memories. (If you read this full title, +1 cookie, tell me in the WP thread)

You may be wondering why I said Kongratulations to Amilir in the last update. Well, (s?)he was the lucky person to give the Kong team our 400,000,000th key. Nice work! Anyway, time for Top 7 pulsers over the week (which I changed to Top 10, to give the people who were in last weeks update a chance).

  1. evilducks star 2,491,741 (+1,372,420)
  2. HappyAlcoholic 1,251,940 (+683,741)  
  3. Chippy01 4,124,202 (+665,686) 
  4. Kralis 985,688 (+595,134)
  5. Sasms 1,404,404 (+583,577) 
  6. Mr. Bean 46,443,620 (+568,136) 
  7. MyDreamName 1,086,543 (+551,904) 
  8. Cryptosporidian 728,287 (+509,260)
  9. ChrisB5 521,059 (N) (+521,059)
  10. sellyme 3,276,717 (+475,000)

Well, 5 out of those 10 people frequent the FtD chatroom. That may be coincidence, but I'm saying to Hall of Odin, Scribbles, and the others, get off your ass and play FFR moar! (Which would actually require you to be on your ass, so disregard that.)

Also, evilducks has complete the Super Special Awesome Challenge of getting 1 million keys in a 2 day period. It took just over 2 days until he could pulse it, however he has provided proof that he achieved it in 2 days. For this he gets the challenge prize: 10 cookies.


evilducks: 14
sellyme: 4
CiF: 3
Aiglet1: 3
GHEZ119: 1
Kralis: 1
WiiPlayer113: 1
Sinapi: 1
Fushinryu: 1
TatharNuar: 1
tortao: 1
Sasms: 1
MyDreamName: 1
Cryptosporidian: 1
ChrisB5: 1
Kralis: 1

There! As someone has finally achieved over 7 cookies, I can display the prizes.

For 7 cookies: A free prank call to any US home phone number. Sent by me!
For 15 cookies: This team has password protection.
For 25 cookies: This team has password protection.
For 50 cookies: This team has password protection.
For 150 cookies: This team has password protection.

Yes, 150 cookies. There is really a prize for that. Anyway, I may make more, but those are what you should aim for. Now it's team stats.

Team stats:

Name: Kongregate
Users: 196 (+22)
Keys: 402,045,914 (+22,610,929)
Clicks: 112,708,334 (+7,795,792)
Miles: 8019.14  (+452.67)
Position: 104 (+8)

Yes, 22 million keys. That's 3 million a day now. Not bad is it?

Also, there is a hide and seek challenge now going on in this blog. Find the location of the secret, and tell me it in the WP thread (http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1-kongregate/topics/4071-kongregate-team-whatpulse) and you will recieve 1 cookie. It is very obvious once you've found it, so if you aren't sure, you aren't right.

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