18 December 2009

Country Rankings

Note: Quikslam is MommaK70 from Kongregate.


1. United States/85,122,074,267
2. Netherlands/45,576,201,950
3. Germany/30,710,356,935
4. Poland/27,041,456,414
5. United Kingdom/20,394,983,168
6. Canada/17,597,443,152
7. Chile/11,518,910,622
8. Australia/11,475,369,279
9. Belgium/10,721,559,642
10. Sweden/9,153,714,865
Battling for the 1st page...
25. Malaysia/2,317,298,933
26. New Zealand/2,173,275,505
27. Singapore/2,049,659,443
As of today, the Kongregate Team has 186 members and is ranked 109th.
When this blog was started, 11/13/09, there were only 97 members.
This is posted several hours early, due to my work schedule and I plan on updating it every Friday. Keep pulsing!!


  1. Nice! Looks like Australia just might get in 7th too! I'm keeping an eye on that one.

  2. Might get 7th? Man, we're destined. Though we could already be there had I not got re-addicted to SS... except low key gain for the next few weeks or so.

  3. So you're saying if you weren't on SS you'd have 43 million keys? GET OFF SS DAMNIT!!!