02 December 2009


Kongratulations team! We made it to the 6th page, and got in front of two teams in the process. Thank you to AioriaRox and Aiglet1 who got us over the line on each occasion.

CiF: 3
sellyme: 2
Kyru: 1
Rivian: 1
Sylicas: 1
kaluzaklein: 1
HappyAlcoholic: 1
GHEZ119: 1
Dextro53: 1
Ult_Mac_Dady: 1
SlasherX48: 1
hokage4354: 1
evilducks: 1
Smookyolo :D: 1
Chippy01: 1
AioriaRox: 1
Aiglet1: 1

User of the week!!

From now on, every Tuesday I will do a user of the week. If you wish to be nominated for this, just say so in a comment on the blog, or via the Kong forums. I will then whisper you with some questions for you to answer, and write up a profile all about you.

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