04 December 2009

I hate fags and Juze - M. Gibson

Nice work team! [/scooby-doo reference] We managed to get to #149 at last... Props go to Juze for the pulse that did it. Hopefully I'll have another update in a few hours, as we are only 400k or so behind #148. Cookies count now.

CiF: 3
sellyme: 2
Kyru: 1
Rivian: 1
Sylicas: 1
kaluzaklein: 1
HappyAlcoholic: 1
GHEZ119: 1
Dextro53: 1
Ult_Mac_Dady: 1
SlasherX48: 1
hokage4354: 1
evilducks: 1
Smookyolo :D: 1
Chippy01: 1
AioriaRox: 1
Aiglet1: 1
Juze: 1


Okay, right now there is only one prize, but it's an epic one. For just 5 cookies I will prank call any home phone in the U.S.A. (I can't outside of the US for legal reasons) Whether it be your friend, your enemy, or the pizza joint that won't deliver to you.

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