26 December 2010


As posted by Sellyme on the WP topic.

What is it?
Head to Head was invented by Sellyme in early 2010, and carried out mostly by JaumeBG. It involves WhatPulse users “fighting” one another to get the most keys in a certain amount of time. It’s that simple!

Head to Head in 2011 will be much different from the current system. It will operate on a football league system, with two divisions. With the optimal 40 players, there will be 20 in each division. This format will reset every 6 months, so there’s effectively two a year. There will also be what is known as a “Cup”, which operates on the same basis as the Finals we had, except with every round being single elimination (No group stage). Cup matches will last 3 weeks, or a month, depending on how many people join. There will also be two of these a year.

Wait, how do we join H2H then?
This is a flaw in the system, as you can only join the official H2H before it starts. If you want to join in March, you’ll have to wait until late June/early July to actually compete. Fortunately, we will have other competitions running for the more competitive of you. We can also organise and publicise unofficial Head to Head’s between users if they wish.

So how do you decide who is in what division?
This is mostly left to the discretion of the writers, but is primarily based on key averages, and previous Head to Head results and rankings. Basically, the higher performers will be in the top Division, whereas the lower performers will be in the second division. This is to ensure that everyone has success, and to reduce the huge advantage that people with their own computer have.

I was in last year’s H2H, what do I need to do?
Don’t worry! If you were active at the end of the regular season H2H 2010, then you’ll automatically be placed in both the League AND the Cup. If you weren’t active, but competed in a H2H battle, you’ll receive an opt-in message via shout from one of the writers.

I’m from another team, but am interested in the concept of H2H. Can I join?
Of course! After an unanimous vote, the blog writers decided that accepting people from other teams would create some friendly competition between teams, where Kongregators can fight for our honour! We also implemented this for users loyal to Ninja Chat United or Kongregate Elite to still be able to compete in H2H while in their respective teams

So, are there finals?
No, the Cup will act as surrogate finals. This is probably a better idea, as it doesn’t exclude other users during it, and it also has longer rounds, which is appropriate for the larger magnitude of the competition at that stage.

How do we differentiate between the Leagues?
The top League will be called the “Primera Division” and the secondary league will be called the “Segunda Division”. We’re all fancy with our European words like that. With the different “seasons” of H2H, we will refer to them as "Head to Head: Edition x, where x is the season of H2H. H2H:2010 was Edition 1, and the first half of 2011 will be Edition 2. You get the idea. The cups will follow the same format, however “The H2H Cup: Edition 1” will be the first half of 2011.

How long do you plan on keeping this going?
Until the world ends. Or we all die. I’ll probably try to breed in order to get a child
doing all my work
ready to inherit the project in the case of that untimely event.

How has the formatting not broken yet?!
Us blog writers know the magic of code >:D

How do I sign up?
Just tell JaumeBG or I, and you’ll be added in! Hurry though, you only have 5 days to get in!

Holy Text-wall Batman!
Yeah, and you’d be surprised at the amount of WP keys that resulted from it!

I have my own question that wasn’t answered. What do I do?
Just tell us, of course! Posting in this forum thread is likely the best option, as it allows anyone else to see the answer in case they were thinking the same thing.

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