03 December 2010

Head to Head battles Finals: Quarterfinals

The first challenging round of the H2H Finals starts today!

Qualifier (26 November–3 December)
Results of the mega battle of 10 people.
Qualifier Battle 1:
gta0004 vs IAmTheCandyman vs JaumeBG vs racefan12 vs sellyme vs ST3ALTH15 vs tetrismaster vs Vegard20 vs videogames518 vs WiiPlayer113.
gta0004 typed 48,018 keys, IAmTheCandyman typed 87,899 keys, JaumeBG typed 217,000 keys, racefan12 typed 74,741 keys, sellyme typed 224,263 keys, ST3ALTH15 typed 45,086 keys, tetrismaster typed 53,000 keys, Vegard20 typed 215,201 keys, videogames518 typed 202,329 keys and WiiPlayer113 typed 290,828 keys.
Disqualified are... ST3ALTH15 and gta0004, who typed the least!

Quarterfinals (3–10 December)
So 8 people, the best 8, qualified for the Quarterfinals of this year's Head to Head battles! So the following battles weren't arranged as I wanted, but Challonge arranged them randomly. By the way, in the bracket, if you're wondering why sellyme and I have avatars to our left it's because we are registered users on Challonge.com so we can have our avatars next to our names in challenge brackets (if you have an account, just whisper me and I'll add you). Good luck! :D
Quarterfinal Battle 1:
racefan12 vs IAmTheCandyman.

Quarterfinal Battle 2:
sellyme vs Vegard20.

Quarterfinal Battle 3:
JaumeBG vs WiiPlayer113.

Quarterfinal Battle 4:
videogames518 vs tetrismaster.

Link to the bracket: http://challonge.com/images/brackets/h2h_2010.png.

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