17 December 2010

Head to Head battles Finals: Finals

This is the week to decide who are the best WhatPulsers (or most addicted) of Kongregate!

Semifinals (10–17 December)
This decides who are in the Finals and who're in the 3rd Place Battle! Who won this week? We'll see now.
Semifinal Battle 1:
IAmTheCandyman vs sellyme.
IAmTheCandyman typed 173,493 keys and sellyme typed 317,567 keys.
sellyme wins by 144,074 keys!

Semifinal Battle 2:
WiiPlayer113 vs videogames518.
WiiPlayer113 typed 297,280 keys and videogames518 typed 545,180 keys.
videogames518 wins by 247,900 keys!

Finals (17–23 December)
The Finals will end on 23 December, that's Thursday, not Friday. It's the usual time but just one day before. I have no idea what I'll be doing on 24 December so I might not be able to do it then, and for reason we'll make it end one day before. Anyway, these two battles will determine the first, second, third and fourth best participants of the Head to Head battles: 2010. Good luck, guys!
3rd Place Battle:
IAmTheCandyman vs WiiPlayer113.

Final Battle:
sellyme vs videogames518.

Good luck! This is how the Challonge bracket looks like now:

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