10 December 2010

Head to Head battles Finals: Semifinals

Quarterfinals (3–10 December)
8 people qualified for the Quarterfinals, but only 4 qualify for the Semifinals. Everyone who got up to this round did pretty well. Now the hardest two rounds start, the Semifinals and the Finals. Only the best will qualify, and only the best will win. In the poll, so far 6 voters voted for people who lost and 20 voted for WhatPulsers who still have the possibility of winning the Head to Head battles Finals: 2010. Now, the results of the Quarterfinals.
Quarterfinal Battle 1:
racefan12 vs IAmTheCandyman.
racefan12 typed 161,154 keys and IAmTheCandyman typed 195,893 keys.
IAmTheCandyman wins by 34,739 keys!

Quarterfinal Battle 2:
sellyme vs Vegard20.
sellyme typed 212,673 keys and Vegard20 typed 212,672 keys.
sellyme wins by 1 key!

Quarterfinal Battle 3:
JaumeBG vs WiiPlayer113.
JaumeBG typed 189,000 keys and WiiPlayer113 typed 303,442 keys.
WiiPlayer113 wins by 114,442 keys!

Quarterfinal Battle 4:
videogames518 vs tetrismaster.
videogames518 typed 164,483 and tetrismaster typed 5,000 keys.
videogames518 wins by 159,483 keys!

Semifinals (10–17 December)
Well, these are the ones who've qualified and also the matches that will be going on from today until 17 December 2010. Good luck to all, and don't spam keys! Well, actually, that might be a good idea...
Semifinal Battle 1:
IAmTheCandyman vs sellyme.

Semifinal Battle 2:
WiiPlayer113 vs videogames518.

Also, here is the current bracket (damn Challonge won't allow me to put more than 4 numbers in each match of a bracket, so the numbers don't really fit. But you can still see it, kind of):

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